Expo Turkey to be held in Qatar to enhance trade network in MENA

A total of 300 top Turkish companies will showcase their products at Expo Turkey in Qatar, which will work as a trade hub to increase export volume to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

To achieve this, Turkish and Qatari companies completed an important cooperation agreement to increase Turkish manufacturers’ exports in MENA. According to this agreement signed by Turkey’s Medyacity and Qatar National Convention Center, more than 300 Turkish local companies are expected to visit Qatar, Doha’s capital, in April 2017 under EXPO Turkey.

Expo Turkey in Qatar looks at reaching more than 3,000 businesspeople from the MENA region who will visit the expo, and 2,000 special business meetings are being planned with an attempt to increase Turkey’s exports to Qatar from $400 million to $1 billion, which is twice the current export volume.

Concerning this target, Medyacity’s CEO Hakan Kurt said: “Turkey’s exports to Qatar currently stand at $400 million. Our target is to double the export volume thanks to this expo, and ultimately to reach $1 billion of exports in the coming years. By turning Turkey being a neighbor to North Africa and the Middle East, which are the target markets for the whole world, into an advantage; we believe that we could increase our industrial activities in the region. We have no doubt that the Turkish companies and brands will provide advantageous trade within the region especially in the health tourism, energy, environment management, construction, real estate, construction materials, food and halal food, tourism and halal tourism, technology, IT and mobile technologies, transportation, smart cities and urban transformation, and other industries.”

Regarding the cooperation between Turkey and Qatar, AMLAK’s CEO, Abdul Aziz Al Emadi said: “As the current relationship between both countries grow so do the business opportunities. This economic brotherhood between both nations will not only profit the government based companies directly, but help facilitate the growth of traders and businesses on even a business to business level. On the other hand, the location of Qatar plays a pivotal role in bringing in all global players to showcase various brands and franchising opportunities not only for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), but to the Pan Arab as well as North Africa. We have a strong belief that such an exhibition will not only contribute to Turkey’s presence from an investment perspective in the region, but also to the business opportunity for the region. QNCC already has a strong presence in leveraging these events as an industry expert, and logistical leader, and we look forward to the success of this partnership.”

In addition, another part of the cooperation agreement is a City of Turkish Culture in the exhibition area. A Turkish culture festival will be organized to promote Turkish culture in the MENA region, including performances of Turkish folk dances and exhibitions of Turkish handicrafts, in addition to other activities.