EU sends €22 million to improve education in Sudan

The European Union mission in Sudan announced on Thursday that €22 million ($24.5 million) has been allocated to fund a program to improve the quality of education in the country and combat child labor, Anadolu Agency has reported.

According to the head of the mission, Jean-Michel Dumond, the EU is using the money to fund several initiatives in Sudan to protect children from exploitation and to ensure that they secure a healthy childhood and future.

“This is in line with the goals of sustainable development and international conventions,” he explained. The EU official expressed his commitment to introduce measures to eradicate child labour completely. The intention is for “immediate and effective measures” to eliminate all forms of child and forced labour and to end slavery and human trafficking by the year 2025.

The programme funded by the EU aims to improve the quality of education in eastern and southern Sudan, making it accessible to all, including displaced people and communities.

Dumond’s statement concluded that the EU is taking measures to protect the social and economic condition of families to prevent the main causes of exploitation of children at work by supporting the most vulnerable groups of refugees among host communities and internally displaced people.