A Worker Released after Posting LE 1000 Bail for Acquiring 10 KG of Sugar

Heliopolis Prosecution decided to release a worker after payment of LE 1,000 bail for acquiring 10 Kg of sugar. He was accused of monopolizing commodities and making profits, according to AL-Shorouk newspaper.
The prosecution’s investigations showed that while a security force was passing by to check the security conditions in Heliopolis, it noticed a man holding a big quantity of sugar heading for one of the shops after the crossed the street. It added that once the security force approached, he ran quickly to the shop. Then, they seized him with 10 kg of sugar in his possession without holding any bills. He was accused of monopolizing the commodity.
Mohamed Naeem, the lawyer of the defendant, said,”He owns a coffee shop where the defendant works and suddenly the police officer entered and found a packet of 10 kg of sugar with the waiter.”

He added,'”When my uncle told me by phone that the waiter was arrested, I headed directly for the prosecution to be surprised that Lawsuit record no. 10876 of 2016 says that while the security forces where checking the security situation, they found 10 kg of sugar with the worker for monopolization purposes.”
The coffee shop owner pointed that “the worker uses the sugar during his work and he doesn’t work in a grocery as it has been mentioned in the lawsuit record.” Sugar shortage is the latest among the commodity crises in Egypt.

The Egyptian market started to witness a growing shortage in the supply of sugar that led to a sharp increase in its price up to 10 LE.