Column: Coup plotter’s scenario and theater

Yasin AktayBY: Yasin Aktay*

Cases related to the July 15, 2016 coup attempt have started. In the first place of the legal process, the pleas of defendants are being heard in line with the indictments that were previously accepted and distributed to defendants’ lawyers. The first impression given by the pleas that have been reflected in the media is the infuriating insolence of defendants about a crime in which they were caught red-handed. More importantly, however, they adopted this temerity as a joint defense strategy. Denying their blatant role in an act in a manner mocking the human intellect, feelings and facts is the typical style of defense style of them all. It seems as if none of them knew what happened. They do not know who armed them. They are unaware of how they flew planes, ran armored vehicles, bombed the Special Forces, arrested the chief of General Staff, and raided the president’s hotel to kill him. It seems something happened as a result of an anonymous telephone call or instruction, but is it a coup? Definitely no. How and where?

All this literally points to a theater play which has a strong scenario. As soon as the coup attempt failed, they raised an argument, saying that this was a scenario. To be honest, we reckoned that it would be quite normal that they felt they were included in another scenario when it failed despite their skill that surpassed that of all scriptwriters so far.

Certainly, all failed scenarios must remind believers of God, the greatest scriptwriter. They set traps, but God lays another trap at the same time. So, their traps become just a small and functional part of God’s trap. This is what happened to them and what they must do is to see that the gods they worship, the terror leader Fetullah Gülen, and the powers that support him do not lead them anywhere other than darkness, calamity and hell, and they must succumb to reality.

However, it seems that the charm, which shows the path of red-handed members of this structure to be nice to themselves, is still continuing in courtrooms. It seems that they have been given a guarantee that the scenario will end in their favor and they believe in this. So much so that all of them join a role, cast by a center for them, in great harmony and organization. Even this harmony alone is the most important evidence showing what a good plan they had in the coup. One cannot help but ask what could be that guarantee given to these coup makers. This guarantee may promise an ultimate earthly success. There is either an expectation for a golden shot or a certain state of faith. This belief shows all kinds of lies, murder, theft, adultery, alcohol and prostitution to be legitimate for the sake of their lofty aims and their “service.” Also, it shows the current state they are in as ultimate salvation and something temporary that must be endured.

Perhaps, they are now assigned to lie, deny and say that they do not know anything in a manner mocking the human intellect. In addition to the heaviest penalty that they will inevitably receive because of having being caught red handed, not harming other members of the organization. They probably think that they do a great deed just because of this attitude. Given what the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ) has done so far, it seems it is not so hard for them to play such a role.

The failure of the July 15 coup attempt naturally shows that there was a kind of ineptitude and clumsiness in the gorgeous coup plan and organization. Naturally, a small detail that was forgotten or hobbled in a perfect failed plan removes all perfection and creates an image of a great failure, ineptitude and even sloppiness which is ruled on the innocence of the people involved. But this does not sweep the gravity and quality of the crime committed. But for one or two small flaws of the coup-makers, those who are judged today would perhaps be the half of society. Of course, those who find the opportunity to trial would be the survivors of the massacres during the coup.

The fact that the perpetrators of successful coups are deemed heroes and the perpetrators of failed coups are deemed traitors is the natural result of the crime of a coup. Turkey has largely broken this cycle through political, judicial and rhetorical measures developed against coups by the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government. So, all the perpetrators of previous coups were declared guilty and traitors and the survivors were judged and punished. There was a consensus on the general judgment of the society and the law concerning those who previously committed the crime of coup. The fact that they dared to stage the July 15 coup attempt despite such a rhetorical consensus tells other things about what they could have risked. Obviously, they relied on a strong international support that could blow up such a strong consensus. Actually, the careless attitude that the so-called democratic world, which we thought to create a guarantee against coups, adopted after July 15 gives important clues about where the self-confidence of coup makers come from.

In fact, the correspondence between the UAE ambassador and the U.S. officials, which is now circulating in the U.S, also gives important clues about the international support for the coup. Everyone saw that the coup was broadcast by the UAE’s Skynews and it was as if al-Arabiya was  giving glad tidings. In fact, Skynews did not abandon the herald and enthusiastic language that it used in the first place until the last hours. At the end, a woman even said, “Unfortunately the coup failed in Turkey,” during the broadcast. It was said that she let it out by mistake, but her face and emotional state said the same things, even if she did not let it out.

Regardless of who they trust, the coup-plotters will not be able to escape the historic verdict that will be ruled on them and those whom they trust.

*Yasin Aktay is the former vice chair of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper on June 4,  2017)