Russian PM to visit Istanbul next week

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev will head the Russian delegation at the meeting of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization to be held in Istanbul on May 22

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will make a critical visit to Istanbul on May 22.

Medvedev will head the Russian delegation at a meeting of heads of state and government officials from the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation hosted in Istanbul.

“The meeting’s agenda includes a review of the Organization’s objectives, specifically to expand hands-on cooperation among the member states, including the development of cross-border roads, as well as sea and energy infrastructure,” said the Russian government in an official statement.

“Participants will also discuss projects concerning renewable energy, energy efficiency, green technology, SMEs promotion, regional and municipal governance, and expanding export potentials of regional players.”

“The meeting is timed to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Organization. A joint declaration is expected to be adopted.”

Putin: We do not send weapons to PKK/PYD

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia does not send weapons to the PYD in Syria.

“We do not supply weapons to them and they do not particularly need our supply. They have other sources for obtaining these weapons,” Putin said at a news conference in China’s capital Beijing following the Belt and Road international economic forum.

Putin said Russia, however, would maintain working contacts with the group as they fighted against Daesh.

“We think that we have the right to maintain working contacts with them, at least in order to avoid clashes,” he said, adding he believed there was no cause for concern for Turkey.