Russian government facilitates entry of Tunisians through free port of Vladivostok


The Russian government, on Monday, announced that citizens from 18 countries, including Tunisia, will benefit from Russian entry facilities from the city of Vladivostok, 9,000 km from Moscow, reported TASS agency.

Tunisian businessmen and tourists will not have to carry out the traditional procedures of obtaining the visa.

However, they will have to submit their personal data on a website specially designed for this purpose.

According to the Russian government, “this initiative is aimed at enhancing the investment appeal of the region and expanding business ties by facilitating projects involving foreign companies, and attracting more foreign tourists.”

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke of this measure at a meeting on Monday with the vice-prime ministers.

This measure concerns citizens of 18 countries: Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrain, Brunei, India, Iran, Qatar, China, Democratic Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Turkey and Japan.