Column: A strange campaign, strange polarization

Yasin AktayBY: Yasin Aktay*

It seems that the constitutional amendment to be put to a referendum on April 16, concerns certain world centers more than it does the people of Turkey. Every day we are seeing how those concerned are participating in these referendum campaigns in accordance with their own views and through their own means.

Germany is participating in this campaign with its government, media, intelligence agency and nongovernmental organizations and doing all it can for a “no” outcome in the referendum. With its justifications and discourse for participating in this campaign, it is no longer able to hide that it is actually not against Turkey, but against Islam and, of course, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Just like the statement revealed during the Gezi Park events, it is trying to say, “The issue is not constitutional change, have you still not understood?” With this statement – which is like a password – it is also revealing that it had a finger in the Gezi Park events that took place in spring 2013 as a bid of provocation against Turkey.

The head of German intelligence has also revealed the other members of the alliance in the background of this cooperation by saying, “We couldn’t find any connection between FETÖ and the July 15 coup attempt. We know them as Muslims who have peaceful and secular discourses.”

Otherwise, what pushes him to make such a statement as an intelligence agency, which cannot be interpreted as anything other than foolishness, is actually an expression of the state of devotion to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and its crimes. If German authorities are going to make a defense despite this statement or if they are going to reject this theory, they have no other choice but to accept that their own intelligence agency is the world’s stupidest organization. Because, an organization that is unable to see FETÖ behind the July 15 coup attempt posing as an intelligence organization is, in a single word, harmful for the mental and spiritual health of the world.

The truth is that German intelligence is in open cooperation with FETÖ and hence, the July 15 coup attempt, has now become exposed. If they do not accept this, then they have to explain these statements and why FETÖ has free rein in Germany with all its activities and why it is protected by state authorities. As a matter of fact, Germany is not harboring only FETÖ, but it also continues to abet the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) which has killed tens of thousands of people in Turkey for years through its terror activities.

Germany’s excitement in the “no” campaign, in which it has been participating in recent days against the April 16 referendum, has led to the revelation of these relations. With a burst of confidence, likely thinking in advance that this referendum is going to result in a “no” outcome, they are letting their “guard” down.

It is seen that they have contracted the habits of the FETÖ members they are harboring in this regard as well. FETÖ members had badly misled these European friends and their allies in Turkey through the numerous survey results they had published ahead of the March 30, 2014, local elections as well.

Germany’s participation in this campaign in Turkey is not limited to these either. Two days ago, it strangely mentioned restricting the sale of certain arms to Turkey. Their reasoning for this was the likelihood of these weapons being used against the people in Turkey, openly promoting the terrorist organization to the level of “Kurdish people” and went on the record as support for terrorism.

The PKK is not the Kurdish people. If they came and sincerely listened to the Kurdish people, they would see for themselves just how much these people have had enough of the PKK and how they are fed up with them. What the PKK offers the Kurdish people is nothing but death, violence, ditches, treachery and unrest. The PKK’s sole concern is to impose its own agenda on the Kurdish people. It is trying to force matters that are never on the agenda of the Kurdish people into their agenda. Of course, we also need to question how right it is to say, “its own agenda.” The truth of this matter, too, is that the PKK’s agenda is one that is dictated to them.

You would think Germany is taking such decisions because it is fixated on democracy. It has shown how fixated it is on democracy and the quality of its democracy through the crimes it has committed against the rights of 4 million-5 million Turkish citizens, to create propaganda, to freedom of expression, freedom of becoming organized and to campaign for elections during the election period. How can you find democracy in a country that has written off all of the world’s international relationship practices and the most fundamental rules of democracy for their simple “no” preference in a referendum in Turkey? How far could fascism be from such a country?

Germany joins in the referendum in Turkey and says “no.”

The Netherlands joins along with its big brother Germany, slurring all its racist discourse at once, and says “no.”

Austria, Belgium and Norway similarly follow Germany. They too join this campaign and say “no.”

And what about the U.S. including Istanbul in the ban on electronic devices bigger than a cellphone in the cabin on flights to the U.S., which it announced on the eve of April 16?

What about the U.K. immediately following suit?

It is a strange election campaign with a strange profile of participants in the campaign. We have never before witnessed such polarization in the past in any Turkish election. Does this not make the meaning of the upcoming referendum a little more clear?

*Yasin Aktay is the vice chair of the ruling Justice and Development (AK Party) in Turkey.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper on March 25,  2017)