Idlib ‘chemical attack’ victims get treatment in Turkey

A suspected chemical attack in Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province killed scores of people on Tuesday.

Dozens of victims were taken over the border to neighboring Turkey for treatment.

Some 58 Syrians, who were injured in the chemical attack that erupted in Syria’s north western Idlib province, were transferred by Turkish rescue teams to hospitals in Turkey’s southern city of Hatay, according to Anadolu Agency, citing a statement by the office of Hatay governor.

“The injured people are being treated at several private and state hospitals including Antakya, Reyhanli and Iskenderun state hospitals, and Hatay-based Mustafa Kemal University Hospital,” the statement said.

The statement pointed out that following the attack, a team of 112 people, equipped with 22 ambulances, were dispatched to the bordering city of Gaziantep to transfer the Syrian victims to the Turkish hospitals. Three of the transferred victims have died, according to the statement.

Earlier on Wednesday, Turkish Health Minister Recep Akdag said that some 29 people had been transferred to Turkey for treatment on Tuesday, and were being treated at hospitals in the border provinces of Hatay and Gaziantep.

The minister also noted that they had evidence concerning Tuesday’s attack in the town of Khan Shaykun which led to widespread international outrage.

“We have some findings of a chemical attack. We are documenting the findings and will send them to the World Health Organization”, he said, adding “humanity should not remain insensitive to this issue.”

More than 100 civilians were killed and 500 others, mostly children, were injured in the attack carried out by Al-Assad regime warplanes yesterday in Idlib southern village of Khan Shaykun, according to the Syrian interim government’s health minister, Firas Jundi.