Yemen’s Houthis violate truce, exploite children: Envoy

The Houthi militia in Yemen has violated truce in Yemen seven times with 4,500 breaches, breaking international law and further deteriorating the humanitarian situation.

The rebels are also using children as human shields in their nefarious designs, Saudi Arabia’s delegation to the United Nations told a press conference Thursday that was attended by delegation from the Arab coalition.

The press conference also discussed the coalition’s efforts in Yemen.

Gen. Misfer Al-Ghanim, director of planning and operations management in the joint forces, stated that “the actions of the coalition forces are accurate.”

“We are very cautious in our operations and we try to not target civilians, but the other party is using children in the battlefields,” he said.

In spite of successive truces in Yemen, Ghanim stressed that the Houthi militias retaliated to seven truces with 4,500 hundred breaches, breaking international law and further deteriorated the humanitarian situation.

Recently, the French Foreign Ministry condemned the exploitation of children by Houthi militia, as indicated by the High Commissioner for Human Rights, and confirmed by Ambassador Abdullah Al-Maalami.

Maalami, the permanent Saudi delegate to the United Nations, asserted: “The Houthis are using children in their armed forces, I would also like to emphasize that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the coalition forces cannot be held responsible if they are caught in crossfire in the front line.”