Morocco’s Benkirane Meets with Akhannouch, Government to Be Announced Soon

Morocco’s appointed Head of Government, Abdelilah Benkirane has reportedly resumed his negotiations with Aziz Akhannouch, Secretary General of the National Rally of Independents Party (RNI), to form the government coalition.

Akhannouch reportedly visited Benkirane at his house seeking to break the standstill after Benkirane issued a communiqué announcing the end of his talks with both Akhannouch and Mohand Laenser, Secretary-General of the Popular Movement (MP).

While he ruled out the Social Union of Popular Forces Party (USFP) from parties that will form the coalition government over the next five years, Benkirane might include the Constitutional Union (CU) after its coalition with the RNI members of parliament as a unified group.

It was also reported that Benkirane and Akhannouch are about to reach an agreement and the parties that will lead the second government coalition after the reform of Morocco’s constitution  in 2011 might be announced following King Mohammed VI’s tour of the African continent.

For four months, Morocco has been without a government coalition. Since his appointment as Head of Government on October 10, Benkirane’s delay to form the government created debate among Moroccans over what has become known as the “Governmental Blockage.”

During the National Council of the Justice and Development Party (PJD), held Saturday in Bouznika, Benkirane once again asserted that the new government will be composed only of the parties of the former majority and that he will not allow the country to conduct an early election.