Israeli Delegation Meets Senior Officials In Cairo

A security Israeli delegation met on Sunday Egyptian officials in Cairo, on top of whom was the head of the Egyptian General Intelligence Service, Khaled Fawzi, for discussing the security coordination between the two sides especially regarding the armed operations in Sinai, reported al-Arabi al-Jadeed, citing Egyptian political sources.

The Israeli delegation arrived on Sunday in a special plane that left Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion Airport and was schedueled to stay in Cairo for only few hours, according to the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper.

Both the Egyptian and the Israeli authorities didn’t give any further details about the visit.

However, the sources stated that the meeting discussed the borders with Gaza strip without giving further information, only stating that, “The Israeli delegation believe that the opening of Rafah border crossing is an Egyptian issue that they didn’t oppose.”

In the same context, the source said that the Israeli delegation met with high ranking officials in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin for hosting direct negotiations between the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In an interview with the editors-in-chief of the state run newspapers, al-Sisi unveiled that the Russian president has invited Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu to hold direct talks in Moscow.

Al-Arabi al-Jadeed cited Egyptian sources saying that the Egyptian-Israeli coordination in this regard aims at pushing away the French initiative that was presented at the beginning of this year. However, the French initiative wasn’t welcomed by both parties as Israel wants direct negotiations the Palestinians.

The Egyptian sources added that the coming days would witness, “an invitation to the Palestinian factions for talks in Cairo.” There was no clarification whether the invitation will include leaders of Hamas movement or not.