Economic partnership: Algeria, France’s “decisive ally”

Algeria is “a decisive ally” for France, said the Senior Executive in charge of Algerian-French industrial and technological cooperation Jean-Louis Levet, stressing it is the most “stable” country in the Maghreb region.  

In the third part of a long interview to economic daily La Tribune, Level said France can move farther in its cooperation with Algeria through an agreement, like the one inked with Austria, on the fields it seeks to develop, adding “Algeria is a decisive ally for France.”

“Algeria is currently the most stable country in the Maghreb,” stressed Levet,  adding faced with international competitors in the region, particularly Germany, “I am convinced we can be part of Algeria’s development strategy,” he said.

In this regard, the French official added “I became aware very rapidly of the fact that my mission should also take into consideration the private sector because during my visits, I have progressively discovered many Algerian entrepreneurs, who make great effort to develop their businesses.”

In this regard, he referred to the project being developed with PSA to build Citroen cars manufacturing plant in Oued Tlelat near Oran, in partnerhsip with the Algerian private group Condor.

He hoped this project would be completed “in order to mobilize French equipment manufacturers and create hundreds of jobs,” adding Algeria can not be considered as “a simple market.”