Column: The U.S.’s Gorbachev, the US’s Perestroika and the US’s civil war

İbrahim KaragülBy: İbrahim Karagül*

Those who think the events that are happening are Turkey’s doomsday; don’t they see the global storm that is about to break out? Don’t they notice all the known central powers of the world are being dragged into an all-out clash or showdown?

Do they not see that a crisis map, covering the earth from the U.S. to Europe, from Russia to China, is being shaped, that the world’s areas of conflict are not going to be the Middle East as thought, that every region making up the east-west border is going to be an area of conflict, that the Atlantic bloc is beginning to divide among itself, and that a China- and Pacific-based central power concentration is drawing interest?

Burying the ‘US’s Gorbachev’ in the White House

So what is happening? Will U.S. President-elect Donald Trump become the U.S.’s Gorbachev? Will a kind of Perestroika start for the U.S.? Will those trying to declare a new American century clash among themselves?

Why are U.S. and U.K. intelligence attacking an elected U.S. president? Why are they making moves to destroy him through dirty methods, to render him unable to take office and, even if he does, why are they making moves that will bury him in the White House?

Why are they declaring him Russia’s agent? Why is there talk of a U.S.-China war? Why are so many military concentrations established in the Baltic region? Will Eastern Europe and the Pacific region be the main fronts of a new world war?

Do you notice, almost every country that is attacking Turkey, trying to restrain it and take over the country are preparing for a much bigger disaster? Let’s look a little beyond Turkey today; let’s take a look at the world.

We concentrated inside the country because we were attacked

Yes, it is true, we know that our country is under severe attacks. We know that they want to choke our country with the wave of attacks that started with street operations, continued with financial operations, peaked with the heavy attack on July 15, but are still ongoing. We know, July 15, the wave of terrorism that followed immediately after and, currently, financial terrorism are all efforts to stop it.

There is a Turkey design, a Turkey operation, interventions of pro-Atlantic circles on this country; they are thinking of turning the country into Syria and include it in the Middle East’s map drafts. We know that there is a plan to make Turkey kneel before it can complete the systemic transformation in the country – like the Constitution and the presidential system.

This critical process has been continuing since the start of the Syrian war, with the new design running since World War I. While Turkey defies this design, puts up an all-out fight, loudly states that it will never kneel, while a front spanning the U.S. and Europe is being set against it and all the terrorist groups in our region are being mobilized for this cause, of course there could have been nothing more natural than our concentrating on inside the country and fighting inside. We know this too.

Those attacking Turkey are preparing for their own doomsday

But there are also other things that we know: Those who activated the fault lines in the Middle East, made country borders meaningless, confused states with organizations, those who are trying to design countries and the geography through organizations are about to face a much greater disaster.

It is time to see the signs of the approaching doomsday or that hell is about to break loose not in Turkey, not in other places or other countries, not locally or regional, but globally.

This storm is nothing like the Syria issue, the terror issue in Turkey, the consecutive economic attacks or the July 15 coup and civil war issue. This is a much bigger wave of crisis, wave of conflict that is going to impact the world’s central powers, drag them into crises and exhaust them. The covert power showdown is also being exposed; it is no longer possible to hide the war between the central powers.

The United States of Europe project has collapsed

Following the U.K.’s decision to leave, the European Union, which south European countries will also probably try to leave, is starting to disintegrate. The union has now turned into a kind of European empire project and every country that has suffered the past pains of Europe might start to distance themselves from Germany and, consequently, the EU. There is going to be no such thing left as the United States of Europe.

While some will align with the U.K. and the U.S., some will align with the German project and others will try and find their own path. Yes, this is disintegration, political disintegration. But there’s more. It is in this period that very serious security problems will start for the EU.

Taming Trump, demonizing Trump

As for the U.S., after the most unsuccessful government in its history, it is trying to take under control, tame and domesticate its most dangerous, indefinable and extraordinary leader. But it is domesticating him by making him the enemy. It is declaring that Trump is a Russian agent; the U.S.’s systemic powers are waging an open war against Trump and presenting consecutive intelligence reports against him.

How far can the U.S. get with a leader they demonized even before he takes office? Who can it confront? Where can it hide its world leadership project? How can it camouflage the separation – and perhaps the conflicts – within?

We have never seen anything like it

I have been trying to follow, understand and figure out the U.S.’s covert operations, intelligence operations for years. I have never seen anything like this. I have never before seen such “open” attacks against their own leader, against an elected person. It seems as though the U.S. is going to withdraw and settle accounts within.

The U.S., which set out to control the entire world at the start of the 21st century, is trying to control its own choice, its own leader, its own government – like a “third world country,” like the countries they subdued through military coups in the past.

Plan to pillage Russia’s resources

Trump’s insistently saying that he is going to develop peace with Russia, while the system makes calls to go to war with Russia, seems like a deep rift. The Russian map, Russian resources are whetting the Atlantic line’s appetite. They have no intention of leaving these lands and resources to Moscow.

However, Trump suggesting, at such a time, rapprochement with Russia is the most important political project, was enough to make the “imperial, ransacking U.S.” go crazy. Even though a step is yet to be taken, even though it is all in discourse alone, after Trump’s every statement mentioning friendship with Russia, they started to make more military shipments to Eastern Europe.

Those who attacked Erdoğan are now conducting operations against the US

Those who tried to activate the public in Turkey against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, those who tried to form a class of displeased and attempted to topple the government from within, are now doing the same to their own leader; they are attacking their own leader; they are trying to drag him into wars even before he takes office.

Now, do we not have the right to say what is being plotted in the U.S., that the U.S.’s streets are going to be activated soon, that the U.S. is going to clash internally? What difference is there between the things it did to us and what they are doing in their own country?

Bush is the architect of the global war, Obama of chaos

There is no doubt that Barack Obama’s administration was one of the worst governments in U.S. history. No state was ever so intertwined with terrorist organizations as it was in Obama’s term. It came to such a state that they could no longer distinguish between states and terrorist organizations. They lost their area of legitimacy; they tried to take over many countries and regions through terrorist organizations.

This was a deviation more critical than George Bush’s “preventive war” doctrine. The Bush doctrine blocked the re-construction of the global system and started the global showdown period. If a new world war is going to break out, it is this doctrine that prepared its infrastructure. As for Obama’s partnership project with terrorist organizations, it is critical to the extent of preparing the infrastructure of a worldwide chaos and disaster.

Two major showdowns in line

The world is facing two major showdowns. One of them is the U.S.’s own showdown within. This will leave deeper scars than the EU’s collapse. The second one is the U.S.’s gearing together with its allies in Europe for showdown with Russia and China. Hence, we are talking about a global disaster, a worldwide threat. Hence, we are concerned of shocking explosions happening in the East European/Baltic region and Pacific region.

We will see where the U.S.’s own internal showdown will lead. It might lead to social disintegration, divisions or the country’s becoming withdrawn. It could also be the complete opposite. They could export their internal crisis to the world and trigger major crises in certain parts of the world. These crises will not be like the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan; like the Syria crisis, they will be much bigger.

Covert war revealed, turned into geopolitical war

Whatever happens, regardless of its scale, the global crisis will take place during the Trump administration. The relations and developments between Washington and Beijing and Moscow need to be followed daily and questioned in depth. This is where the trace of everything can be found. I personally believe such a showdown will take place. I have been trying to follow those regions and countries in this aspect for a long period of time. I know that the events in the Middle East will pale in comparison to the danger I mentioned.

This is why the Chinese media has started to openly talk of war and Russian President Vladimir Putin has become even more aggressive to prevent the danger. The covert conflict that has been ongoing since the end of the Cold War is now out in the open. The economic war that has been continuing since then has turned into a geopolitical war. The thought that even the map of those trying to change the borders and maps of many countries in our region may change is not incredible at all.

Very little left for Turkey’s critical threshold

Turkey is about to complete the final stage of its systemic transformation through the Constitution and presidential system. After this stage, they will have no chance to fine-tune this country through waves of terror, through financial terrorism. Those organizations that were pushed to the front against Turkey may very soon be abandoned.

Because Turkey will come to a state of making higher-level decisions, determining position on greater matters rather than struggling with the crises of its close region. This means the threat will be moved far away from its borders and geography. Then, Turkey’s position will begin to effect a lot of things. The world will focus its attention on other regions.

Those who want an ‘Islamic civil war’ should look at the West’s internal crises

Local crises, regional crises are becoming globalized. The war is being moved away from the Middle East. The West is being dragged into conflict among itself. A very deep and dangerous disintegration is forming along the east-west line and nobody knows where it may lead. What we need to do is, step away a little from the events in Turkey, the blinding of Syria, and exert some mental effort in relation to what is actually happening and watch the developments.

Those who want civil war in Turkey are clashing among themselves. Those who are changing maps in our geography are being dragged into major crises that will make their own maps questionable. Those who declared the Middle East the world’s chaos geography are about to get into war in regions closest to them. Those who developed the “Islam is going to fight among itself” theory and plotted civil war through sects, are now obliged to concentrate on the crises in the West.

This country can no longer be defeated

Traumatic developments are taking place in the zone reaching Russia and China from the U.S., U.K., Israel and some EU countries. They are openly talking about war, saying that the EU is going to collapse. The U.S. is openly raining bullets on its own leader.

You cannot predict what Turkey’s state will be in a couple of months, a couple of years, or develop a perspective without looking at these developments. It seems to me that a in a couple of months’ time, we are going to be discussing their crises, not Turkey’s. From that time onward, the likelihood of defeating Turkey is going to be impossible forever and that is when the actual rise will start.


*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Saturday, Jan. 14, 2017)