Israel Forces Targets a Small Flying Object On Gaza Strip Borders

Israeli Forces targeted Saturday afternoon a small flying object with a camera after crossing the eastern borders of Gaza, Israeli media sources claimed.

The sources said that Israeli forces sighted a suspicious object in the air that crossed the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel on Saturday.

Israeli Forces fired from a distance after which “militants” on the Gazan side pulled back the object into their vehicle and fled the scene, according to Channel 2.

The Israeli Forces force that spotted the flying object fired into the air from a distance after which its operators fled the scene, the sources added. According to the IOF, the flying object was used to photograph the area close to the border.

Within its bid to any resistance activity against the occupation, Israel has recently reached an agreement with Facebook to collaborate to censor content that Israel considers as promoting “terrorism,” as Israel has already detained scores of Palestinians in recent months for social media activity, alleging that a wave of unrest that swept the occupied Palestinian territory last October was encouraged largely by “incitement.”