Turkish medics battle to treat injured Aleppans

Over 300 injured civilians were admitted to Turkish hospitals, according to official sources

Turkish hospitals have treated just over 300 civilians from Aleppo, Turkey’s prime ministry confirmed on Friday.

A total of 303 injured civilians have been brought to Turkey for medical aid following the evacuation of the war-torn Syrian city.

However, 41 people lost their lives despite the best efforts of Turkish medics.

Another 43 have been discharged.

Most of the injured were treated in hospitals in the southern Turkish province of Hatay after they were evacuated from western Aleppo to Idlib, another Syrian city under opposition control.

The Turkish press office said a third of the civilians were transferred to other hospitals in different provinces.

A total of 132 of the injured are minors.

Earlier this month, Syrian opposition forces and the regime reached a cease-fire deal, brokered by Turkey and Russia, to evacuate civilians from eastern Aleppo to safe areas in opposition-held Idlib.

Since then some 44,000 people have been evacuated from the area, according to the Turkish authorities.