Cease-fire: It’s no longer about Syria, Turkey is under attack

İbrahim KaragülBy: İbrahim Karagül*

No war, no crisis, no regional chaos caught the U.S. so red-handed, so openly. The U.S. administration did not tender its relations with a region to a single terrorist organization alone.

No U.S. administration ever gave support to terrorism against an ally so openly, for the whole world to see. It never shipped weapons to those organizations. It never got its weapons into that ally country’s cities through this organization and use it to break out a civil war in those cities; it did not target the citizens of that country. It did not use them in terrorist attacks, in civilian massacres. Killers, murderers, those who committed civilian massacres and need to be prosecuted on charges of crimes against humanity were never protected so much by a country.

No development, no regional and global policy since the 1950s shook Turkey-U.S. relations so deeply. The U.S.’s Middle East policies had never become so disgraceful, so careless. The Atlantic alliance had never fallen into such disintegration among itself – never to the extent of hitting its ally.

Dividing Syria, sieging Turkey

Turkey’s ties with the U.S., its NATO partnership and European Union membership relations never went through such a confidence crisis in any period. Never in any period of history was the U.S. defined as such an open threat for Turkey.

Every week, right before our very eyes, U.S. and German weapons are being delivered to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), in certain areas of Syria, via helicopters and airplanes. It is establishing a weapons concentration ranging from the lightest to the heaviest. Turkey’s allies are declaring a terrorist organization as their partner. Through that organization they are implementing a policy of dividing Syria, sieging and closing in on Turkey.

Together with the PKK, it is turning north Syria into a garrison region, a front, an arsenal against Turkey and Syria – actually, against the entire Muslim region. It is conducting demographic elimination in the same region for this purpose.

The envoy is mocking Turkey, lying

While all this is happening, that country’s ambassador is lying to our people’s faces. He is saying, “We didn’t do it. We did not give them weapons.” Yet the footage, information, photographs and the joint military bases they established are all out in the open. He is mocking and ridiculing the entire country.

But we have seen this before, we knew about it. We knew ever since the Provide Comfort incident, step by step, what plans were being implemented in the region, how the region was being divided, that Syria’s situation was a continuation of the Provide Comfort formula, that a plan was being worked on, that one end of this map was Turkey and eventually the steps to divide Turkey would become more frequent and that the open attacks would start.

July 15, Silopi, corridor: Both the plans and weapons are from the US

We know that they attempted the Turkey leg of the dirty plan they are trying to carry out in the north of Syria on the inside too, that the invasion policies they applied in border regions such as our Silopi and Cizre districts are a part of this, that the terrorist organization there was carried out by those who applied this plan in north Syria, that those behind it are the same ones that delivered the weapons to the PKK, in other words, the U.S.

What more do we need to know? Even though the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) was used in the heinous attack that hit Turkey on July 15, we know that the plan was a U.S. plan, that hundreds of our people were martyred that night by organizations under their control, that Turkey was hit from the inside that night, that those who started an invasion through terrorism in the southeast, those who sieged it in Syria through terrorism, are also the bosses of the July 15 coup attempt.

Thousands of compensation claims should be filed

This is why the victims of July 15, as a matter of fact, all citizens of this country have the right to file to claim compensation against the U.S. This is why the victims of terrorism have the right to sue the U.S. and the companies that have joined this delivery of weapons. Because the September 11 laws it enacted give everybody such a right. We do not know how the Donald Trump period will turn out. Of course we have foresights, but we are going to see the results in the shortest period of time. However, if it does not change its policy, there will be nothing left but a U.S. hanging by the tail of a big terrorist organization. The image of an aggressive country that threatens regional countries and communities is going to set in. If the U.S. does not change this shameful attitude, it means the world is going to separate into two distinct camps from where Turkey is located. Turkey will have no choice but to bring forward a radical option to a U.S. administration that’s directly hitting it.

There is no more Syrian war, but a global showdown

Turkey and Russia reached an agreement on a cease-fire in Syria. They are trying to get the opposition and regime to sit for a deal. Iran is also involved. These countries know that the Syrian war is going to have no victor, that the loser will be all the countries in the region. The U.S. and Atlantic circles are aware that the Syria plan is an investment in chaos, that they are investing in the ambiguity in the region to continue a longer period of time, that the three countries are also under the threat of the same circles.

The Syrian war really is no longer Syria’s war. It turned into an area of global showdown, a show of power. Syria turned into the battlefield of the U.S. and Russia, the East and West. After this stage, we can no longer talk about a Syrian war. After this stage, the Syrian issue is a matter that going to cause clashes at the global scale, fractures and crises and cause destructions beyond the Syria scale.

The US’s terror card must be negated

The U.S. is nowhere in the cease-fire, in plans aimed at the country’s future. There is no U.S. in Syria other than its PKK/PYD partnership. There is no U.S. approach in the region other than hitting Turkey through an organization. The countries in the region have no priority other than negating the U.S.’s terrorism card.

A cease-fire in Syria is of critical importance to prevent a regional war and global-scale destructions. It should be protected, achieved and supported. We now have two issues ahead of us. One is the issue of Syria’s future and the cease-fire is a serious step taken in this direction. The second is where the global conflict carried on through Syria will lead. This is where the real difficulty is. This is where the real threat is. This is the where the danger that will have countries clashing and set the entire region on fire comes from.

The threat has exceeded Syria, the entire region is under danger

This is exactly where the U.S. and its Western allies are investing. They don’t even care about Syria. Hence, the cease-fire should continue, a step should be taken back in the war, even if to eliminate this threat alone; the disaster should be stopped before it spreads to other countries.

From today onward, we are not discussing Syria, but Turkey, Iran, Russia and all other countries of the region. The steps to be taken should be determined planning the future of these countries. Our view of the Syrian war is largely in need of such an innovation.

The US and NATO are openly fighting Turkey

The Washington administration not being involved in the cease-fire, its attempt at designing the region through the PKK and its threatening all the region’s countries through terrorism is a new situation. It used to give terrorism covert support; now it has turned this into open war. The distinction between terrorist organizations and the state was eliminated by the U.S. This is the first time the U.S. is witnessing such a thing. And the world is cold-bloodedly going to hold those responsible to account for this and definitely make them pay back.

As long as we focus on shrinking the area of conflict in the close region and in-region solutions. This is the most effective method against the new invasion wave aimed at our region from the West. Turkey might have to make radical decisions. Because both the U.S. and NATO and some European countries are actually directly fighting Turkey.

This is what it is!

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Friday, Dec.30, 2016)