What Is Khalifa Haftar’s Son Doing In Jordan?

A Libyan activist said that the son of General Khalifa Haftar, ranked as Captain in the army, has appeared during the graduation party of some Libyan officers in Jordan.

The activist, Aly al Asily, said on his Facebook page, “We were happy with the graduation of the first batch of the armed forces at the Jordanian Kingdom, but our happiness has vanished after we have seen the pictures of the so-called Sadam Khalifa Haftar with an army captain rank on his shoulders all of a sudden.”

Al-Asily added that the appearance of Haftar’s son with this rank,“ensured the destruction of our dreams in establishing a discipline military organization and real armed forces, and it seems that the institution and the ‘family’ and  ‘family members’ has returned.”

Al-Asily likened the appearance of Haftar’s son in the military uniform to what used to happen during the era of late Mummar al-Gaddafi, and said that the time has gone back to the era when al-Qaddafi’s sons acquired high military positions in the Libyan Army.

He also mocked Sadam and his brother Khaled Haftar,who is also an officer in his father’s troops, saying, “Sadam and Khaled are following the footsteps of the sons of Colonel al-Gaddafi, and the question is: who will play the role of Aisha (al-Qaddafi’s daughter)?”

A site, close to Gen. Khalifa Haftar, has published photos of the graduation of a new batch of special forces officers after they have received their training in Jordan.

The graduation party, which took place at Prince Hashem College for Special Operations, was attended by Chief of Staff of Hafter’s Libyan forces, Major General Abdel Razek al-Nazoury .

Sadam Haftar appeared in many photos wearing the military uniform, with the Captain rank, and sitting beside one of the high ranking Libyan officers.

It is noteworthy that Jordan has been providing training services to Haftar’s forces for years The most prominent graduate from Jordan’s training courses was Major General Abdel Razek al-Nazoury.

In addition, Gen.Haftar has also visited Jordan for several times where he met with King Abdullah of Jordan.

Haftar is a military figure, backed by Tobruk government based in eastern Libya that refuses to recognize the U.N.-backed government, enjoys the support of several Arab nations, including Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan, as well as western countries as France.

This month, Libya’s General Khalifa Haftar ended a top-secret visit to Egypt for three or four days.

General Haftar left Egypt after this secret visit and headed to Jordan on a private plane, according to Sada Al-Balad newspaper website, close to the Egyptian authorities, Sada Al-Balad newspaper website, close to the Egyptian authorities.

However, the Egyptian newspaper rushed to delete the name of Haftar from the headline on its website and replaced it with “a top Libyan official”, in a seemingly clear attempt to keep the visit off the media.

Sources said that Haftar and his delegation, including 11 of his top assistants, discussed during the visit with Egyptian top military and political figures the latest issues in Libya and how the Egyptian regime can continue supporting him in his alleged war on terrorism.

In fact, this visit comes after Haftar’s latest visit to Moscow where he discussed with Russian top officials the support he needs on both the military and political levels.