US Presidential Election: UAE Shows Support to Hillary Clinton

A huge media campaign to support Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, has merged through the Emirati media.

On November 7, The National Emirati newspaper revealed the results of an online poll that was created to ask website users to give their preferred candidate in the US presidential election.

The National said that of the 1,185 who took part in this poll, 60.5 per cent said they supported Democrat Mrs Clinton, and 30.5 would vote for Republican Donald Trump.

Also, this official Emirati newspaper and website, titles that “UAE’s Latin American expats voice support for Hillary Clinton”, and “African expats in UAE voice strong support for Clinton”, as a part of the supporting media campaign for Hillary Clinton.

Furthermore, The National outlined that “Clinton is the top choice for UAE’s Arab residents”, saying that “Clinton is a safer option in US election”.

On the other hand, Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, the adviser of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, has published a number of tweets supporting Hillary.

“I will take the risk today and bet with all I have that Clinton will win the US election on Tuesday”, wrote Abdulkhaleq Abdulla on his official Twitter account.

Also, he told “The Khaleej online” that Clinton is the best for several reasons; such as having the experience and the merit , also she is convincing much more than Trump. He added:”Clinton is the best of the five US former presidents.”

From the Saudi side, a poll conducted by the Arab Center for Research in Washington, and included nine Arab countries as weel as Saudi Arabia, revealed that 68% of Saudis prefer Hillary Clinton and hope that she wins the presidency United States, by contrast 46% of Saudis carry a bad idea for Donald Trump, reported Al Arabiya.

On the other hand, revealed Wikileaks documents outlined that Bill Clinton, Hillary’s husband and the founder of Clinton Foundation, said in a fundraising event in Madison for his foundation, that he wants more countries to “behave” like the United Arab Emirates.

The former president offered the United Arab Emirates alongside with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, as a “positive role models” in defeating terrorist groups such as ISIS.

Furthermore, Bill Clinton said that “The UAE replaced Norway this year as the number one country in the world in the percentage of income they spend on development aid for poorer countries.”

It is noteworthy that The UAE, along with Saudi Arabia, is a top foreign donor to the Clinton Foundation. UAE-linked entities have contributed as much as $11.5 million, according to Wikileaks documents.

But, according to media reports, UAE gave between $1 million and $5 million to the Clinton Foundation until 2016.