Dahlan Unveils His Conflict with Abbas on an Egyptian TV Channel

The former dismissed Fatah leader Mohamed Dahlan unveiled his conflict with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) and the Arab initiatives presented behind the scenes to mediate reconciliation between both parties in an interview with Wael al Ebrashy, an Egyptian TV Talk Show presenter, according to Arabi 21.

In fact, Dahlan’s interview with an Egyptian TVchannelinfers that al-Sisi regime is polishing former Fatah movement leader in the political arena by offering him a platform to present his point of view regarding Palestinian issues.

Accordingly, some observers did not perceive Dahlan’s appearance on an Egyptian TV channel as an ordinary media interview. They believe that the interview was mainly based on a political decision that reflects the Egyptian regime ‘s support to Dahlan in his conflict with Abbas.

Dahlan said in his second interview – The first interview was with the BBC from Cairo – that an Arab quadruple initiative provided a secret offer to Abu Mazen to conduct a reconciliation between them through nine people who communicated with him (Dahlan) and with the dismissed leader of Fatah Samir al-Shehawy, saying that he agreed without any conditions.

Dahlan also pointed that Abbas agreed – in the beginning – on reconciliation which stipulated that both parties should come to Cairo. Dahlan said that accordingly, he went to Egypt’s capital and waited for Abbas but he did not come.

The former Fatah leader said that the Arab initiative advised the unification of both Fatah movement and the Palestinian arena and move forward toward a transitional period, including presidential and the legislature council elections as well as the construction of the Gaza Strip.

Dahlan said that some Arab countries told Abbas to sever his relations with the Arab countries that presented the reconciliation initiative. “That’s why Abbas came out to the media and threatened to cut his relations with those countries if they did not cut their communications with Dahlan.”

Dahlan also attacked Abu Mazen for cutting the salary of any person who criticizes him, saying,”It is ridiculous when you cut off the salary of a person for criticizing you on the Facebook.”

He continued saying, “Abbas office is penetrated by the Israelis although he has always been praising the security coordination between both parties; however he knows well that his office is penetrated by Israelis.”

In the same context, Dahlan repeated his threats to Abbas’ stream inside Fatah movement when he said, “We won’t forgive this stream,” and he repeated his threats again, saying,”Fatah sons won’t allow Abbas to continue in his practices against the movement.”

Regarding his visits to Egypt and his meeting with Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Dahlan said, “All politicians and leaders visit countries without having any diplomatic representation, and I visited Egypt previously to provide some services in certain circumstances upon Egypt’s request, and I did my job.”