Heinous sexual assault of detainee ‘al-Shuwaikh’ in Egyptian prison

The family of a young Egyptian detainee, Abdel Rahman al-Shuwaikh, who complained a few days ago that he was subjected to a sexual assault inside an Egyptian prison, revealed that his health conditions have deteriorated after going on hunger strike

According to Arabi 21, the family of Abdel Rahman Al-Shuwaikh confirmed that Abdel-Rahman has started a hunger strike to protest the crimes against humanity he was subjected to, indicating that he is in a state of severe fatigue.

Abdel Rahman’s mother confirmed that she filed a complaint to the prison warden about the rape of her son, but the prison warden denied that such matters happened inside the prison. But she was later able to file a complaint to the Public Prosecution.

However, instead of investigating the complaint, Abdel Rahman’s house was raided by the National Security forces and all his family members were arrested, except for his brother Omar, who is abroad.

Omar, the brother of the detainee Abdel Rahman Al-Shuwaikh, also told Al-Jazeera that his father, mother, sister and other brother were all arrested and taken to the National Security Sector headquarters in Al-Maasara, Helwan. Omar told Al-Jazeera Mubasher that the security forces raided the family’s home in Helwan after his mother filed a complaint about hisbrother’s abuse in El Minya prison, Egypt.

Jackie Ross, a Human Rights International Advocate and Asylum Coordinator, commented on this on her account on Facebook, saying:

“Does anyone care that a 28 year old in an Egyptian jail was so badly sexually abused by a guard that they had to put him in hospital? The police goon squad of the dictator Sisi, have come to his parents’ house, and will arrest them too. All of this happened because their son’s story came out on social media three days ago.

Does anyone care enough to begin letter writing to American officials? After all, the U.S. government gives billions of dollars in aid to Egypt every year, and every year thousands of innocent people are jailed in the most horrible of conditions with no human rights given to them.

Does anyone care enough to join me in this fight for freedom? Anyone? You can message me if you want to help.

Postscript – That young man’s parents and 18 year old sister were kidnapped today. Does any American care enough to join in the fight?”

Abdel Rahman Al-Shuwaikh’s mother posted his message on her Facebook page on Friday, where he confirmed that he had been raped in cooperation between a criminal prisoner and 10 security personnel, in full view of hundreds of inmates. According to the message, the tragedy occurred in Minya Prison, central Upper Egypt, on April 6, when Abdel Rahman Al-Shuwaikh was blindfolded, his hands and feet were tied, and he was gang-raped brutally without regard for his repeated pleading.

Al-Shuwaikh accused Mohamed Mohammadin, an officer, Imran, a non-commissioned officer, Hussain and Ashraf, an informant, and 6 soldiers from the prison force, along with the criminal Alaa Nagi Abu Mando and others who sexually assaulted him with the help of prison security personnel and some criminal prisoners. Abdel-Rahman Al-Shuwaikh confirmed in his message that he had been tortured by a criminal and transferred to solitary confinement, after taking his money.

Aly Khafagy, former member of the Egyptian Revolution Youth, tweeted saying: “Abdel Rahman al-Shuwaikh, a young man detained in El Minya prison, was subjected to torture and sexual assault that he documented in a letter he sent to his mother.

Abdel Rahman’s mother spoke out and filed a complaint (against the perpetrator) about what happened to her son. Instead of investigating her complaint, the National Security officers are at his (the victim’s) home now, according toher son Omar!!.”

Abdel-Rahman Gamal Metwally Ibrahim was born in Suez in June 1991. He was 23 years old when he was arrested on November 14, 2014, and now he is about 30 years old. He is one of six siblings, but he is the oldest male. His father was also arrested for two years on December 6, 2013, and then his younger brother Omar arrested for three years before he traveled abroad about three years ago. Abdel Aziz is also detained in Tora Prison in Cairo.

According to the family, Abdel-Rahman was arrested upon completing his military service, in front of his house, and he was not at Rabaa during the dispersal events that followed the military coup.

“He was investigated and his name was added to a ready-made case, alleging that they had photographed him in the Rabaa Square,” his mother said.

According to his family, Abdel-Rahman al-Shuwaikh was looking for work to help his family manage household expenses after his father and brother Omar, a student at Al-Azhar University at the time, were arrested, but he continued to participate in protests.

“But he was arrested in front of the house on November 14, 2014. After his arrest, he remained forcibly disappeared for a few days, and a case was fabricated for him. The investigations claim that he was arrested in a demonstration against the truth and the testimony of witnesses,” his mother said.

Magda Mahfouz, human rights activist, tweeted, saying, Rescue the family of Abdel Rahman al-Shuwaikh. Abdel Rahman’s brother, Omar, says, “The police arrested my father, mother and my 18 years old sister to the national security building in Almasara- Helwan”

Abdel Rahman’s mother says, “We got Abdel Rahman’s message on the third day of Ramadan and it was Thursday. During a visit to him, he confirmed the sexual assaults that was exposed to with gestures and words, and it seems that he was forced to talk about the matter after he had had enough even though he was a completely silent person,” his mother said.

“This matter is difficult for oneself and cannot be talked about unless the matter exceeds all limits and becomes intolerable. Finally, I filed a complaint to the Public Prosecution office about what happened to Abdel Rahman inside the prison, and on the next visit, we knew that Abdel Rahman was on hunger strike and in a state of severe fatigue, to protest his abuse,” his mother added.