Libya neighbors reject intervention in Libyan internal affairs

Libya neighboring countries have announced their rejection of intervention in Libyan internal affairs, according to LANA.

Libya neighboring countries declared Wednesday commitment to the political solutions conducive to genuine reconciliation through inclusive dialogue among Libyan parties.

The final statement for Libya neighboring countries in Niamey stressed that “the Libyan political accord is the only framework to exit the crisis in Libya”. They stressed their commitment to standards and measures to get out of the crisis in Libya and maintain Libya’s territorial integrity, sovereignty unity of its people and respect its will and choices.

Libya’s neighbors ministers expressed in their final statement their deep concern over persistent deterioration of security situation and their full solidarity with the Libyan people. They called on the international community to improving living conditions, of the population underlining that security of neighboring countries firmly linked to the security of Libya.

They also stressed the need to safeguard Libya’s natural resources including oil and called for lifting the embargo on Libyan assets.

They renewed their support to the presidential council of the national accord government ‘NAG’ , and their stand with the political process , in the framework of the UN initiative , to find a final and permanent solution , through the implementation of the Libyan political accord.

This came in the final statement , which was issued on Wednesday , on their ninth session , in the Nigerian capital Niamey.

The neighboring countries in their statement , demanded the residential council , to form a wide national accord government, representing all political forces. They also urged the parliament to give it confidence as soon as possible , according to the political agreement’s rules