Russia finished delivering S-300 missiles to Iran

An Iranian military truck carries parts of S300 missile system during the Army Day parade in Tehran

Moscow has reportedly concluded the supply of the Russian-made S-300 surface-to-air missile defense systems to Iran.

Russia’s RIA news agency quoted the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSVTS) as making the announcement on Thursday.

“All divisions have been supplied,” said FSVTS Director Alexander Fomin.

Russia delivered the first parts of the S-300, the missile tubes and radar equipment, to Iran in April.

Moscow was committed to delivering the systems — which are used to target tactical and ballistic aircraft and projectiles — to Tehran under an $800-million deal in 2007.

However, Russia banned the delivery of the systems to Tehran back in 2010, citing the fourth round of the UN Security Council sanctions, which bars hi-tech weapons sales to Tehran.

Moscow’s refusal to deliver the systems prompted Iran to file a complaint against the relevant Russian arms manufacturer with the International Court of Arbitration in Geneva.

In April 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin lifted the ban on the delivery of the S-300 and Moscow subsequently signed a new contract to supply Iran with the systems by the end of that year.

Months later, Tehran dropped the lawsuit after Moscow agreed to fulfill its commitments under the 2007 accord.