Netanyahu Unveils a Military Secret Related to Egypt

The Israeli security expert at Maariv, Yossi Melman, said that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveiled one of the country’s military secrets, which is considered a mistake and a violation of the laws of military censorship, reported AlJazeera.

Melman pointed that this occurred during Netanyahu’s speech, as the leader of the Likud party, in a conference for his supporters when he mentioned a security accident the military censorship refused to talk about previously. This means that the prime minister shows negligence in dealing with the military censorship instructions.

Melman, strongly connected with the security institution in Israel, said that Netanyahu has recently unveiled that the Islamic State targeted an Israeli military helicopter when elements of the group smuggled to Israel but the Israeli army killed them all.

Melman said that the accident which was mentioned by Netanyahu occurred in August 2011 at the road no.12 on Egypt’s borders with Eilat city, when a group of militants infiltrated through Sinai and fought for hours in several confrontations with the Israeli troops. According to Netanyahu, ISIS elements attacked two trucks which were running on the road, killing six Israelis, including two soldiers, while seven militants of the group were killed.

During the confrontations, the militants fired a missile toward an Israeli helicopter circulating in the area, until this moment no one knows whether the missile was anti-tank or anti-aircraft, but the missile missed the aircraft.

Melman said that Netanyahu revealed the incident to justify the construction of the security wall on Egypt’s borders, to prevent the smuggling operations from Sinai. According to Melman, this confrontation played a major role in convincing the Israeli government to speed up the construction of this wall.

But Melman stressed that the security relation between Egypt and Israel is very sensitive, but some information finds its way to publishing in the international media. Only two weeks ago, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi praised  the security cooperation between Cairo and Tel Aviv during his meeting with the Jewish leaders in New York.

On the other hand, Bloomberg has recently unveiled citing an important Israeli source that Israeli drones cooperate with the Egyptian army from to time to time to fight the militant group on Sinai.