Aleppo: Another bloody day as Assad-Russian airstrikes intensified

Aleppo: Another bloody day as Assad-Russian airstrikes intensified
Civilians tying to rescue other traped uner the rubble after Assad-Russian airstrikes on Aleppo, 11/10/2016

Assad-Russian Airstrikes on Tuesday killed at least eight civilians in Aleppo’s besieged neighborhoods, in the heaviest Russian bombardment in days on the city’s rebel-held sector. 

Assad regime, backed by Russia, said on September 22 it was starting a new wide offensive to recapture the rebel-held parts of Aleppo after a week-long ceasefire was declared officially over on 19 September.

There are about 275,000 people trapped by the siege of eastern Aleppo, where civilians are suffering through daily bombing, including by bunker-buster and incendiary weapons, and through starvation, as limited supplies run out and aid convoys are blocked from the city.

Air strikes mostly hit the Bustan al-Qasr neighborhood, Zakaria Malhifji of the Aleppo-based Fastaqim rebel group told Reuters.

“There is renewed bombardment and it is heavy,” he said.

“This is the heaviest Russian bombardment since the Syrian regime announced it would reduce the bombardment on October 5,” the observatory’s chief Rami Abdelrahman told AFP news agency.

The Observatory said at least eight people were killed in Bustan al-Qasr and Fardous neighborhoods.

Since 19 September, more than 600 civilians have been killed and more than 2000 injured in rebel-held areas of Aleppo province, including the besieged eastern part of the city, Civil defense workers said.

Civilians buried under the rubble

“Its been a hellish day, we had more than 25 airstrikes. The civil defence are trying to get the bodies out from under the rubble in many neighbourhoods,” said Ismail al-Abdullah, one of the civil defence team “White Helmet”, staff who organise search and rescue.

They ripped through one of the few remaining markets in the city and into homes across several neighbourhoods, causing such devastation that four hours later rescuers had still not reached some sites.