Arab Officials’ Remarkable Attendance In Peres Funeral Brings Wave Of Criticism

Activists on the social networking sites have expressed their outrage and anger toward the Arab officials who attended the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres and expressed their condolences to Peres’s family and the Israeli authorities.

The Egyptian activists launched a trend#1 hashtag on the social networking sites, where they condemned Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry’s participation in Peres’s funeral.

In the same context, other activists launched a trend #2 hashtag: “Mourning Shimon Peres is a treason”, the on popular trend chart.


Among the top attendees on the funeral were Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, whereas , Bahrain, Jordan, and Oman sent their representatives.

Peres funeral day came at the 16th memory of the death of Mohamed al-Durrah ,the 12-year-old Palestinian minor who was shot by the Israeli soldiers on September 30, and he felt lifeless into his wounded father’s lap.

Shimon Peres is one of the main architects of the tripartite aggression against Egypt in 1956 and the establishment of settlements in the occupied West Bank.

He was behind a 1996 attack on a village (Qana massacre) in southern Lebanon that killed more than 100 people. He was also widely considered the architect of Israel’s secretive nuclear weapons program.

Egyptian activists condemned the participation of Egypt’s top official in the funeral, Wael Kandil- an Egyptian journalist-wrote,”Israeli Arabs aren’t those stationed in the Palestinian land of 1948, Israeli Arabs are Sameh Shoukry,Mahmoud Abbas and every Arab official who participated in the funeral.”


Haitham Abu Khalil, a human rights activist, wrote,”In the 16th memory of Mohamed al-Durrah, the patron of treason in Egypt’s diplomacy participates in the funeral of the assassin Peres,” He continued sarcastically,”Don’t forget that he threw AL-Jazeera microphone #Sameh_Shoukry.”



Mohamed Saif al-Dawla, an Egyptian writer and researcher, wrote,”This is the biggest gathering to the world evil people -of Palestine’s enemies- on the land of Palestine to mourn one of the biggest burglars of Palestine, with the participation of dozens of the brokers of the Arab regimes -the grandchildren of Acre’s mayor” (Acre’s mayor -during the Third Crusade- is considered by some historians as a symbol for treason regarding the surrender of the port city at the time).


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Another Egyptian activist  wrote on twitter, “Egypt’s foreign minister mourns the death of the killer of Muslims and the occupier of the Arab land; then the Egyptian media claims that there is an Israeli conspiracy on Egypt!”

Some activists wondered: “Wasn’t it more necessary for Sameh Shoukry to attend the funeral of the scores of the Egyptians who drowned in Rashid last week?”

Another activist criticized how Egypt’s FM Sameh Shoukry appeared too sad during Peres’s funeral, saying: “Egypt’s Foreign Minister is extremely touched by the death of Peres as if he lost a close relative, while Aleppo and Gaza siege don’t affect him.

Egyptian activists also recalled Sameh Shoukry’s stance when he removed Al-Jazeera TV’s microphone, calling the well-known TV channel as an “Israeli agent”.

Ahmed Fahmy, an Egyptian activist, said: “Yesterday, he threw Al-Jazeera mic. (accusing it of being an ‘Israeli agent’), and today he is in the first row in Peres’s funeral.”

Moreover, Arab activists on the social networking sites attached pictures of Qana massacre -one of Peres’s crimes, that was committed upon his orders.

They also condemned the participation of Arab representatives in the funeral of the killer of children (Peres), and accused them of treason with respect to the Palestinian cause.

A Palestinian activist said, “Today is the memorial day for  Mohamed al-Durrah’s death in his father’s arms, while the Arab Cowards race to attend Peres’s funeral.”

Another person said,”Don’t attack the Arab leaders for attending the funeral of Peres as most of the electoral campaigns take place in Washington and Tel Aviv and not in the Arab countries.”