Column: UN, A world-class lying platform

Column: UN, A world-class lying platform
Bashar Jaafari, Assad regime representative in the UN

Over one hundred and fifty states gathered in the UN during the last week of September in an annual international forum with the cheapest commodity: TALK. 

No speaker did not make a reference to the Syrian tragedy. Some did it out of care, others out of bragging, a third out of embarrassment, and two out of urgency for lying as they lie every time they breathe, let alone talk. A case in point, as far as the last is concerned, is the Russians, the Iranians, and representative of the Assad regime.

Both Churkin – the Russian UN representative – and his boss, Lavrov, had something specific in mind: to get the accord they signed with the US concerning Syria an official international status; they feel that the Americans could weasel out of the accord since they do not have the upper hand in it, and Russia could get away with being given an equal status to the US in signing an accord. They even resorted to threatening the US of exposing certain secret issues they agreed upon together with the Americans. The Russian representative thought that such a blackmailing process would force the Americans to submit to their will and officially and internationally confirm what is to their advantage. That need forced them to resort to lies about the document, especially when it turned out that whatever they termed “secret” is no more than something well known and being talked about for months: “the sorting out of what was bilaterally named extremist by both of them.

The Russian response on the ground was part of the negotiating process between the two parties. The Americans struck in Deir Ezzor, and the Russians stupidly fired on their feet when they struck the aid convoy in Aleppo. When it is said that they shot their feet, the intended meaning here is hindering the implementation of the accord. They want to pass it at the UN whatever it takes; but their move on the ground perplexed them. They introduced all sorts of lies to defend the Assad planes by saying they cannot fly at night; then they said an accompanying truck did the firing, and later their tongue slipped and said that their reconnaissance planes where in the area. Lying put all their plans in jeopardy.

The Iranians – though not short of platforms to do their lying – found in the UN forum a very good opportunity to sell their rotten commodities of “fighting terrorism” that is supported by Saudi Arabia and the one Syrian civilians carry out against their dear regime in Damascus. Of course, Zionism, imperialism and the Great Satan are never left out in their discourse.

Last but not least is the Assad regime representative, Bashar Jaafari, who lives on another planet and talks about the sovereignty of “his country” which is being threatened by “terrorists” and their supporters in Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, a lyric he has been chanting for the past five plus years. The problem is that everyone listening to him knows that he is lying; and probably he knows it, but he could not change the tone. Jaafari got support from his master in an interview he had with AP. If he were to compare his performance with that of his master’s, of course he would find himself lagging behind a professional liar or a lunatic as the AP interviewer said about him after the interview.

The lying process was not limited to those three specialized parties. Others found a good opportunity in the UN forum to express their care, pity and responsibility towards the plight of Syrians. Some said they were taking 2.5 million Syrian refugees; others went up to five million. When we do some statistics, we may find that Syria had around one hundred million in population without our being aware of that.

We know that we live in a world full of hypocrisy but not to the extent of the one politicians practice. Thanks are due to the Assad regime which embodied hypocrisy and made it a profession. However, the price of such a vicious attack on humanity is the blood of Syrian people. The fear lies in the fact that it could be high time for others to start paying dear.

Yahya al-Ridi – Orient News