Amnesty: US-made bomb was used in attack on Yemen hospital

Amnesty International revealed on Monday in a report analyzed by a munition expert that it has evidence that the Saudi-led coalition, battling Yemeni rebels, dropped a U.S.-made bomb on a hospital,.

Amnesty International said, that the US-made bomb was used in the air strike on Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) hospital “Abs Rural” on 15 August which killed 11 people and injured 19 others.

According to independent weapons experts consulted by the organization who assessed photographs of a bomb fin taken by a journalist at the site, a US-made precision-guided Paveway-series aerial bomb was used in the attack.

Amnesty outlined that the attack prompted it to withdraw from northern Yemen due to what it described as “indiscriminate bombings and unreliable assurances” from the U.S.-backed coalition.

The bombing of the Abs Rural Hospital was the fourth attack in 10 months on an MSF facility in Yemen. The hospital treated 4,611 patients since MSF began to support it in July 2015.

Amnesty international asked also to stop immediately supplying US and UK weapons that could be used in the Yemen conflict.

This week the US Senate is due to vote on a draft bill that would block a new $1.15 billion arms sale by the Obama administration to Saudi Arabia, which was approved in August.
The deal includes the transfer of tanks, military vehicles, and related equipment and services.

In a letter to the White House, 64 Members of Congress have already urged President Obama to postpone the arms sale so that the US Congress could properly debate the issue.