Egypt’s Batel campaign accuses Sisi of failing to manage the “coronavirus” disaster

The Batel (Void) opposition campaign accused the Egyptian coup leader Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of failing to manage the coronavirus crisis, calling for “fighting both Sisi and coronavirus, because they both pose the same danger to the life and future of every male and female Egyptian.”

The opposition campaign stressed in a statement it published on Sunday that “the real and most dangerous epidemic that threatens our dear homeland is not the coronavirus pandemic only, but in fact it is the Sisi epidemic that has spread in Egypt day after day, with these inevitable catastrophic results in all aspects of life, whether in economy, politics, health, education or media.”

 The campaign said that there are many scenes circulated on the social media, or displayed on television, show clearly how far the Egyptian people are indifferent towards the coronavirus danger that has ravaged all world countries and is claiming hundreds of lives on a daily basis.

“These actions are only the result of the failure of the State administration, headed by Sisi, to direct the nation’s resources, so the educational system brought out an unaware people that underestimates a danger that has killed hundreds of thousands, and likely to kill millions others, God forbid,” the statement read.

 The Batel campaign also indicated that “there is another aspect to the failure of the military regime in management, namely the collapse of the health sector in Egypt, whose performance in recent days is likely to result in an inevitable catastrophe”.

The Batel statement also blamed the Egyptian media, “which instead of raising the awareness of the people towards the danger posed by this epidemic, was preoccupied with holding the simple Egyptian people, including workers and poor vendors, responsible for the spread of the pandemic.” However, the media never blamed the regime for failure to handle this problem.

The Batel campaign concluded that “the confused performance of the army and police due to the regime’s blunder or paralysis” has delayed until today imposition of a curfew before it is too late.

On Sunday, 22 March, the Batel campaign posted a tweet on its Twitter account criticizing the Egyptian army’s pursuit to exploit the current coronavirus catastrophe to make prophets through selling disinfection materials and supplies to poor Egyptian people.

The Batel tweet says that instead of distributing sterilization and disinfection supplies to the poor, the Egyptian army sells them to the people, especially after the military dominated the sugar company that manufactures most of the ethyl alcohol in Egypt.