Europe-Based Forum Hails Dutch MP For Refusing To Shake Netanyahu’s Hand

The Palestinian Forum in Europe—Tawasol—hailed the Dutch MP who refused to shake hands with the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, during a two-day stopover in the Netherlands last week.

The Tawasol Forum hailed Dutch MP Tunahan Kuzu for refusing to shake hands with Netanyahu.

Head of the Tawasol Forum Zaher Biraoui thanked the Dutch MPs who boycotted Netanyahu’s visit and refused to meet with him in protest at the crimes he committed against the Palestinians. In a letter sent to Kuzu, among other Dutch MPs, al-Biraoui said such brave positions uplift the Palestinians and raise Europeans’ awareness of the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation.

Al-Biraoui dubbed the moves taken by Dutch MPs as the by-products of underway efforts to boost pro-Palestine support among the Europeans. Much work has to be done to win over the European politics as regards the Palestinian cause. On Wednesday, Dutch Member of Parliament Tunahan Kuzu – of Turkish descent – refused to shake Binjamin Netanyahu’s hand as the latter popped in The Hague.

Kuzu considered it a scandal that the red carpet was rolled out for Netanyahu. “While the streets of Gaza were reddened by blood that splashed out of the veins of children in the summer of 2014, the red carpet is rolled here,” said Kuzu. A number of Dutch MPs, including Rik Grashoff, announced their decision to boycott Netanyahu’s visit. Activist Muhammad Akari said Netanyahu should be brought before The Hague court as a war criminal rather than welcomed as an official guest.