Morsi Was Enclosed In Egypt’s List Of Terrorists

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President Mohamed Morsi
 Egypt’s court had ruled to include Mohamed Morsi – the first democratically-elected president who was ousted in a 2013 military coup – to Egypt’s official list of “terrorists”.

The Cairo Criminal Court also ruled to include the Muslim Brotherhood group on the state’s list of “terrorist entities”.

It was also reported that 35 individuals, including Morsi, had been placed on the list for a period of three years.

A lawyer for a number of the individuals included on the list Ismail Abu Baraka said that all 35 had been convicted earlier of “collaborating” with Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, which is ideologically close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, he noted that an appeal against the convictions had since been lodged with Egypt’s Court of Cassation.

Moreover, Abu Baraka went said that the court ruling calling for Morsi’s inclusion on the “terrorist” list had originally been issued in April “but defense lawyers had not been informed and did not attend the court session”.

Morsi was elected as Egypt’s first democratically elected president. In 2013, a military coup ouster Morsi  after serving only one year in office.

He has received several death and prison sentences for “conspiring against Egypt”, spying for Qatar, “insulting” the judiciary and breaking out of jail during January Revolution  2011.

Morsi and his co-defendants, along with a number of independent observers, say the charges against him are politically motivated.

Since the military coup, the Egyptian has launched a massive crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, killing hundreds and throwing tens of thousands in prisons.