Houthis say They Captured a military camp in Saudi Arabia

Yemen’s Houthi rebels and allied troops have captured the Saudi military camp, Faridah, in the border region of Jizan, reported ABC News citing military officials from the Shiite movement.

According to military officials, Houthi rebels and their allies attacked the camp with artillery, rockets and light arms before taking it over in a September 11 battle.

Yemeni media “Al-Mairah Television” has released on Wednesday footage that shows a recent operation by Yemeni forces to capture a Saudi military camp in the kingdom’s southwestern province of Jizan.

The footage, showed the operation of capturing Faridah camp in the district of Khube on September 11.

The video also showed Saudi forces fleeing as they were carrying a number of their injured fellows.

Despite the 15-minute video clip posted on social media networks and aired late Wednesday by the Houthis’ al-Masirah TV, Saudi military spokesman has denied the Houthis’s claim as “lies”.

According to the Iranian Press TV, the video showed Saudi soldiers abandoning their fortified positions and later helping their wounded into the back of an armored vehicle. The attacking force set ablaze a Saudi vehicle at the military camp.

Meanwhile, the Saudi website Al Arabiya said that Saudi Arabia urges UN action on Iran arms to Houthis, saying “Saudi Arabia has called for the United Nations Security Council to put an end to the smuggling of Iranian weapons to militias in Yemen as it constitutes a violation of Resolution 2216”.

Also, Al-Arabiya added that in a letter addressed to New Zealand, who takes over the council’s presidency, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Abdallah al-Mouallimi made clear the number of violations to the resolution including cross-border militia rocket attacks by Houthis and Abdullah Saleh forces.

According to UN recent reports, the Saudi led-coalition fighting in Yemen is responsible for the majority of civilians killed in the country’s ongoing conflict.

According to the UN’s human rights office, an estimated 3,799 civilians have been killed since the Saudi-led airstrikes began in March of 2015. The UN and rights groups estimate that at least 9,000 people have died overall, and 6,711 people have been wounded in the conflict.