Doomsday matters: Tehran-Riyadh alliance!

BY: Nedret Ersanel

To say it as politely as possible, not too many people doubt any longer that the U.S. had some sort of involvement in the July 15 treachery.

The same belief also applies to Turkey and Russia in there being an “agreement” and in fact a road map at the point of the perpetrators of July 15 and regional balances.

As for Washington, it is so exhausted right now that it is unable to even mention the “axis shift” claim it has been using frequently especially in the last five years.

But we know it is concerned.

It sees that both its Middle East plans and calculations targeting Russia are staggering. But the U.S. presidential elections are coming up and apart from certain “ready continents,” Washington is dominated by a general “election paralysis.”

The Ankara-Moscow alliance that was actually signed “the day after” July 15 – in fact, on the same day, according to some claims – with “lemon juice,” was shaping what would be done; it seems it calculated the U.S.’s paralysis period, which is repeated once every four years.

Still, none of these are able to give the courage to say, “It’s over,” regarding the future of Turkey-NATO – in other words, U.S. – ties.

One reason for this is the longer than half century “habit of dancing with super powers” having turned into a story of addiction and unrequited love.

Once you are able to ask “simple questions,” it becomes revealed that this prolonged relationship is always one sided, and your partner is constantly cheating on you.

What does it say in the US’ red book about that corridor?

Do we not see that the U.S. wants to set up a corridor in Turkey’s south and those who are going to build that line, if necessary, have worn their uniforms?

If the answer is yes, this is called ally betrayal.

Is there a single person who does not see that the deep region this corridor will produce will drag all four countries into contracting fatal diseases?

This is not a plan that is dependent on the programs of the Republican or Democrat party, which changes with the elections held in the U.S. once every four or eight years.

It is a “state national security plan” aimed at the Great Middle East for which Turkey is the foundation and center column.

This is what it also says in their “red book.”

It will not change. It is not going to change.


Nobody is saying, “Cut this arm off, pay whatever the price.” Ankara is always exempt from the romanticism in foreign policy – of which it is always accused.

Power to spoil the game cannot be stopped by the owner either

The U.S. is no ordinary super power. Do not waste time/mind energy by drifting into long and technical analyses trying to understand it. As long as they have that army, no country, even the other super powers stacked on top of each other, will be able to take their eyes off those gun barrels.

But, if you attack Turkey’s game-setter power, you will activate its game spoiling power and the results cannot be prevented. Operation Euphrates Shield is the humblest example of this.

This is why Ankara needs to define a “more independent and respectable” relationship with the U.S. that is tied with new, concrete principles with tight props and put it into action now.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in his opening speech in Parliament, “We are seeing signs of serious inconsistency and multi-headedness in the U.S.’s policies aimed at our region especially in the latest period. While part of the U.S. administration is persistently carrying out joint operations in Syria and Iraq with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing People’s Protection Units (YPG), part of them are trying to follow policies closer to our sensitivities. We are going to continue to work to solve this problem, which is clearly due to the presidential elections in the U.S., without any permanent damage to our country’s vital interests.”

If you interpret all the diplomatic adjectives in this paragraph, you will see the harshest statements said to someone’s face.

I also have to share the last statement in that paragraph as part of the “other alliance” of the game spoiling power: “The U.S. Congress approving in this period a law that allows taking legal action against Saudi Arabia due to the Sept. 11 attacks is very unfortunate.”

The American “system” is now trying to clean up this mess, but…

Global courthouses’ bailiff countries

Are we not going to ask now which legal action should we take against whom and which courts we should apply to?

In the last half a century, how many political, military, economic, cultural and intelligence attacks that should be taken to international courts has the U.S. directed towards Ankara and the entire region?

Can you hold up against the U.S. in those courts? Which countries are the so-called democratic and Western bailiffs of international institutes and courthouses?

You know what this means, they are the Gülenist Terror Organization’s (FETÖ) influencers.

Starting such a global movement would be a great disaster for the U.S. and Washington, which holds “democracy, accountability, human rights” principles over the world’s head like the Democles’ sword also needs to go through those paths.

But we know, it is going to do everything possible to prevent this and even if its arms are not as long as they used to be, they are still enough for this.

Then let’s count how many jokers that last “game spoiler” statement we added specific to Saudi Arabia has collected.

Even Iran… Yes, even Iran, with which it has daggers drawn in the entire Arabian Peninsula from Syria to Yemen, may side with Saudi Arabia.

What’s more is that Saudi Arabia may open this door, which will allow this opportunity, without any complexes.

As a matter of fact…

It already has.

We will share the “details,” but let’s say this much: Oil is not only going to “serve” them. Let it serve “us” a little.

Nedret Ersanel is a Turkish journalist and columnist at Yeni Şafak daily newspaper.
     (published in Yeni Şafak on Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2016)