Syrian Crisis: Assad regime secures southern road to Aleppo

Syrian Crisis: Assad regime secures southern road to Aleppo
At least 24 funeral mourners have been killed and 30 others wounded in a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo earlier in September

The Assad regime forces secured a road into the government-held side of Aleppo that was captured by rebels last month and was expected to open it soon for civilians, state-owned al-Ikhbariya TV reported on Friday.

Syrian rebels had captured the Ramousah area in August, breaking the siege on eastern Aleppo imposed by government forces in July. The government’s loss of the Ramousah road left the people in western Aleppo dependent on a much more dangerous route.

The Assad regime backed by militias from Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon and the Russian air force are now seeking to press their offensive against the insurgents to the south of Aleppo.

The advance by the Assad regime and allied militia in the Ramousah area of southern Aleppo has reopened the main route into the government-held west while resulting in the complete re-encirclement of the city’s rebel-held east.

A reporter for Al-Ikhbariya, in a broadcast from the road, said it would be secure for civilian use in the coming few hours.

“The whole road is secure,” a soldier told the reporter.

Television showed large concrete buildings with their facades stripped off from shell or rocket fire and government soldiers walking through the streets carrying their weapons.

Footage on state television showed engineers fixing fallen electricity lines and civilian cars driving through the countryside along the road to Aleppo through Ramousah.

Syrian rebels prepare to push back

On Friday, airstrikes by Assad regime’s and Russian jets of the rebel-held part of the same district at noon on Friday killed seven people, including children, and wounded some others, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Rebel fighters’ al-Shamiyya Front declared Friday blowing a building in which Assad terrorists and allied militias were fortified, in al-Ameryya in Aleppo southern countryside.

Al-Shamiyya Front said on its Twitter account that the number of Assad terrorists and allied militias who were hiding in the building was more than 25 militants.

The building was destroyed by a bomb which was planted in it, the Front added.

Earlier today, rebel fighters were able to foil an advancement attempt by Assad regime towards al-Ameryya. The repelled attack led to killing 6 Assad terrorists, including the leader of the storming group. Also, opposition fighters sniped 5 other terrorists during the clashes.

Meanwhile, a number of opposition fighters’ factions declared on Friday launching a new offensive in Aleppo southern countryside aimed at liberating a number of barracks.

The opposition started preparatory shelling, using multiple weapons, on Assad terrorists and allied militias’ positions in Aleppo’s Jabal al-Arba’en, near the strategic al-Hader area.