Dozens killed in Hezbollah and Assad regime clashes

Dozens killed in Hezbollah and Assad regime clashes

Clashes broke out Wednesday with heavy artillery weapons, mortars, and heavy machine guns between the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and Assad regime forces in northern Aleppo countryside, resulting in dozens killed and wounded among the parties.

Activist Khaled Abu al-Majd reported that violent clashes between Assad regime forces and Hezbollah militants in Talat al-Mayasat and al-Bureij in northern Aleppo countryside, where the clashes took place with heavy weapons.

Abu al-Majd stated that the intense clashes led to “deaths in large numbers among their ranks.”

Activists reported that the “truce announced by Russia was the cause of the dispute,” explaining that shiite militants rejected the truce while the Assad regime approved it.

According to Sham network, the clashes continued until after midnight on several axes in northern Aleppo countryside between Hezbollah and Assad regime forces, in which the network reported clashes taking place on Haylan and al-Madafa hills, al-Miasat area and al-Bureij front, in addition to the (Aleppo – Mayer – Nobol – Zahra – Afrin) road which has been completely cut off by the violent fighting between the parties.

Activists also reported that Assad regime forces, amidst the clashes, gave the coordinates of the positions of the Hezbollah militants to the Russian aircrafts, which preceded by pounding al-Miasat area, resulting in killing and wounding dozens of Shia militants.

In the meantime, similar violent clashes were reported to have broken out between the Iraqi Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba and Hezbollah on the one hand and Assad regime forces on the other hand in al-Hader town, south of the countryside. Sounds of heavy machine guns and mortar shells were reportedly heard inside the town.