Syrian Crisis: Idlib’s Saraqeb town became afflicted city

Syrian Crisis: Idlib's Saraqeb town became afflicted city
Aftermath of Assad regime's airstrikes on Idlib city

The Local Council in the city of Saraqeb in Idlib southern countryside announced on Sunday that the city became afflicted by the nonstop campaign of airstrikes carried out by Assad and Russian warplanes on residential areas, ambulance centers and makeshift hospitals, Orient New reported.

the Local Council ’s statement which said:

“The Local Council in the city of Saraqeb took a decision of suspending all services to civilians in Saraqeb and establishing an emergency room of The Local Council, The Consultation Council, The Saraqeb Notables House , Saraqeb Ambulance Organization and the Free Saraqeb Police to run the city affairs.

The Local Council appeals to all Syrian opposition political organizations, The Interim Government and the international political organizations for immediate action to halt the brutal Russian bombardment on the 40.000 civilians in the afflicted city.

The Local Council appeals to all civilian and humanitarian organizations in Idlib for helping The Emergency Room in alleviating the disaster which displaced more than 90% of Saraqeb people.

The Local Council thanks all people in the neighboring villages for hosting the displaced from Sareqeb.”

It is worthy reminding that many civilians were suffocated on the last hours of last Monday, while others lost consciousness immediately after Assad regime’s helicopters dropped barrel bombs reported to be filled with chlorine gas on Saraqeb.

A hospital targeted in Idlib

At least 10 people, including three children and four women, have been killed in airstrikes on a hospital in northwestern Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province.

Activists said Saturday’s raids had also left many in critical condition.

“Destruction is everywhere. This hospital has been targeted with four consecutive air strikes,” he said, adding that rescue teams continued the search for survivors.

Humanitarian groups have repeatedly called for a halt to strikes on medical facilities.

Syrian opposition groups say Syrian and Russian forces deliberately target medical buildings.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) also reported the airstrikes, saying it was not yet clear whether Russians or Assad regime jets had targeted the hospital

“The hospital now is completely out of service. According to doctors working in it, the hospital used to serve 70,000 people in this area,” said an activist.

“This is not the only hospital targeted by regime and Russian airstrikes today.

“They also targeted a hospital in Sarmin [also in Idlib province] and it is now out of service. Other hospitals have been targeted in the last few days.”