Algeria: On 2nd day of legislative election campaign, party leaders start detailing programs

The second day of campaign of the 4 May legislative elections was marked by the detailed presentation by the political party leaders of their programs, outlining their proposed solutions to the citizens’ concerns.

The Workers’ Party (PT) general secretary, Louisa Hanoune, said on Monday during a public gathering in El Eulma (Setif) that her party’s candidates are proposing “realistic and practical solutions” to the economic and social problems of the country.

She then called on the voters for a broad mobilization in order to snatch new rights within the new People’s National Assembly.

Ahmed Ouyahia, general secretary of the National Democratic Rally (RND) insisted on defining the stakes, by saying during a meeting in the eastern city of Souk Ahras that security and stability are the sine qua non condition for Algeria’s development.

“This is the basis for any project that aspires to serve the people and ensure their prosperity,” he said.

Defending the unity, security and stability of Algeria means, for the RND, “defending the Proclamation of November 1, 1954 (revolution) and the Constitution, and supporting President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika,” he said.

General Secretary of the National Liberation Front (FLN) party, Djamel Ould Abbas, said in Algiers that he was expecting a turnout of more than 50% in the legislative elections, which is likely to “strengthen the security and stability of the country.”

Leader of the Algerian Popular Movement (MPA), Amara Benyounès, insisted in Bordj Bou Arreridj that the upcoming elections represent “an opportunity to conduct a peaceful democratic transition.”