Haftar’s Chief of Staff Mandates Egyptian Army to Defend Libyan Borders

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The Chief of Staff of Hafter’s Libyan forces, Major General Abdel Razek al-Nazoury said that his army has mandated the Egyptian army to defend the common borders between both countries that extend from the sea to the Libyan Sudanese borders, due to security instability in his country, reported Arabi21..

In an interview with al-Youm7, an Egyptian daily newspaper close to the regime, Al-Nazoury said that al-Serraj government is illegitimate and all its decisions are void as the establishment of the presidential guards in the capital Tripoli.

He also warned of the overlapping roles in the city of Sirte, and repeating the scenario of Derna city. He also accused the al-Serraj forces of belonging to AL-Qaeda group.

The General Command related to the Tobruk HoR has established a military area east of Egdabia to al-Sadada gate east of Misrata after it appointed AL-Nazoury as the military governor from Derna to Ben Gawad, east of Sirte.

It is noteworthy that the Government of National Accord (GNA) known as the UN-baked government has not been able to impose its power until now in Libya as a result of political differences with Tobruk’s Parliament that supports Gen.Khalifa Haftar who is also a major ally to al-Sisi of Egypt

At the same time of AL-Nazoury’s statement, the Egyptian armed forces said it destroyed five vehicles when they were attempting to penetrate the western borders from Libya in an illegitimate way, in an attempt to stop ISIS elements from smuggling to the Egyptian territories.

The Egyptian Army spokesperson Brigadier General Mohamed Samir said on the EAF Facebook page, “Based on the Egyptian Armed Forces continuous efforts to secure its borders on all the strategic dimensions and based on certain information that mentioned the penetration of six vehicles filled with smuggles on the international borders; the EAF followed the targets in the Grand Sand area and destroyed five vehicles and jammed the sixth vehicle.”