Undeclared crisis between Saudi Arabia and Oman Because of Houthis

Yemeni sources revealed that there is an undeclared crisis between Saudi Arabia and Oman, saying that the Saudi Arabia believes that Oman is biased towards the Houthis in the light of the positive development of the relationship between Muscat and Tehran, reported Al Arab newspaper .

This crisis appears in the inability of the members of the negotiations delegation in Kuwait, which includes representatives of the rebels and former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, to return to Sanaa.

According to Yemeni sources, the members of the delegation headed by Mohammed Abdul Salam, a Houthi leader, and Aref Azwka, one of the leaders of the GPC, have not been able to return to the Yemeni capital in a private jet allocated for them by the Sultanate of Oman. Sources attributed this to the fact that the Saudi authorities put as a precondition for the plane to land on Sana’a airport, that it must make a stopover in one of Saudi airports for inspection and confirming the identity of passengers. However, the members of the delegation refused to undergo the Saudi procedures and insisted on returning directly from Muscat to Sana’a, according to the sources.

Members of the Yemeni delegation left Kuwait for Muscat late last month after the suspension of the Kuwait-based negotiations in the absence of the ability to achieve any progress in reaching a political settlement in Yemen.

It is known that the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia imposes a control over the air traffic in Sana’a airport, compelling planes coming from Sana’a airport or on their way back, to stop in Jeddah for the inspection of passengers and identifying them.