Egypt’s Defence Minister Meets MPs for the Second Time

Egyptian Minister of Defense Sedky Sobhy has held a broad meeting with a number of members of the Egyptian parliament at one of the grand hotels in Cairo. This meeting is the second since the parliament’s formation, according to al-Shorouk, an Egyptian daily.

Ali Abd al-AaL, the head of the House of Representatives (parliament), pointed to the meeting throughout the general session on Monday saying, “Today, there will be an important meeting with a number of parliamentary members, 400 members will move from the parliament after a while.”

Sources said that Sedky Sobhy is the one who made the initiative and invited the members of the Egyptian parliament who in return accepted the invitation at once, reported al-Shorouk.

Moreover, the Egyptian MPs were ensured that the meeting agenda will include the discussion of the war on terrorism and the state’s latest developments in this concern, as well as other important issues.

In fact, this is the second time for Egypt’s minister of defense to meet members of the parliament, which is a precedent in the Egyptian political arena. Moreover, the meeting was held at one of the grand hotels related to the Egyptian army, that owns a large number of hotels throughout Egypt’s governorates as part of its huge economic empire.