The US is sieging Turkey! PYD must be intervened…

BY: Ibrahim Karagül*

We need to present what is right and true in absolute openness. Regardless of how painful, how threatening, how upsetting it may be, there is never going to be a defense shield more important to us than knowing the truth.

Turkey is facing the gravest threats in its history. Our country is under attack both from within and without. There is no longer any sense in hiding this or acting like it doesn’t exist, nor is it possible to do so. After this stage, hiding behind fancy words and preparing the grounds for a type of blinding operation by means of intellectual spinning is equivalent to being a partner to the attacks in question.

The US and Europe are striking Turkey

The danger is great; it concerns whether or not our country and nation will have a future. What I mean when I say new threats and attacks is not a situation limited to terrorism in the strict sense or national security problems triggered by political crises with another country.

Neither is it limited to a national power struggle or a power conflict within Turkey or in our close environment. Nor is it a threat that can be measured with our disagreement with the U.S., disagreement with Russia and Iran in Syria or with the Turkey-Israel crises.

For the first time since its founding, the Republic of Turkey is being directly threatened with civil war and invasion. The threat is clearly coming from Turkey’s allies, without leaving any room for doubt. The threat is directly Washington- and Brussels-based.

July 15 was a civil war and invasion attack

It stems from those trying to redraw the geographical map, the plan of powers that determined the regional status quo post-World War I to redesign the Middle East.

It stems from those who invaded and destroyed Iraq, those who dragged the Syrian crisis into a dead end, those who planned sectarian wars, those who plotted the scenario of getting Turkey and Iran to clash, those who attempted to destroy all the countries in our region and establish new mini states.

July 15 was a plan to invade Turkey. It was an attack to forever destroy our goal to save our country from U.S. and European tutelage and to re-establish it independent, free and at peace with itself and its region for the first time. The attack was meant to make Turkey kneel and take it hostage. It was a project to confine us within Anatolia and then divide us into five parts.

It was going to be invaded through Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists and handed over to the U.S. Then, depending on the kind of Turkey they planned, that is how the country was going to be shaped. A plan to turn it into Syria, where ethnic and sectarian wars are taking place, was going to be implemented.

Now ‘Plan B’ is being implemented: Terror storm and civil war

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was going to be taken out of the picture; that knot keeping Turkey together was going to be untied. All segments that would resist the invasion were going to be eliminated, the backbone of that history maker was going to be broken and, within a year, the country was going to be dragged into street clashes.

The July 15 attempt to invade the country from within was evaded with a foresight and resistance never before seen in history. They were not expecting this. Because the plan was going to work perfectly! They were shocked. They were caught red-handed. As they were not anticipating failure, they had not determined the kind of statement they would make post-failure. Take note, they have not made a single logical statement since that day.

Plan B was activated right away. The plan to drag the country into civil war through terrorism. Gülen’s terrorist group and the PKK started joint attacks. Now police department buildings are being targeted. Later they are going to turn toward other targets. They are going to turn toward politicians, the media, mosques and congregations. Lastly, they are going to punish the people who negated the July 15 attempt. They are going to escalate the terrorist attacks as much as possible and make it impossible for Turkey to breathe. This is their plan!

The plan to siege, eliminate Turkey

Those who starter a new terror storm on the inside have also accelerated their plans to establish a “Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) State” in the north of Syria. They took Manbij and gave it to the PKK’s Syrian offshoot, the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Daesh started to vacate Jarabulus yesterday. They are going to give Jarabulus to the PYD, too. There are only 40 kilometers left for the map in northern Syria to be completed.

This plan is the plan to siege Turkey. The moment this plan succeeds, they are going to start to suffocate us inside. We need to do whatever is required, risk going to war and negate this plan. Being late means death, the results will be fatal. Then there will be no returning from this. If you look carefully, we are being sieged from all borders from the Caucasus to the Mediterranean.

This plan is bigger than the invasion of Iraq. It is the plan to cut all of Turkey’s ties with the Muslim world. It is a complete siege plan, a plan to eliminate. Those using Gülen’s terrorists and the PKK on the inside are using the PYD and Daesh on the outside and trying to destroy Turkey through four groups.

The PYD’s back needs to be broken like FETÖ

We made calls for the North Corridor since day one. We could not explain the criticality of the situation. The purge on the inside after July 15, the operation aimed at the internal invaders must continue seamlessly. Yet the other side of the border also requires urgent intervention. The Gülenist Terror Organization’s (FETÖ) terrorists within the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) prevented this until today. They worked in cooperation with the PYD and Qandil and ruined Turkey. Hundreds of martyrs were the victims of this dirty partnership. But now the truth is out.

Turkey should do whatever is necessary to break the PYD’s back. An operation similar to the one in southeastern cities needs to be conducted in northern Syria. Because the U.S. is retaliating the operations on the inside by hitting Turkey from Syria. It is trying to save its allies on the inside through threats and blackmail.

Do not forget, if you cannot conduct this operation right outside your border, the war will reach into Turkey, all the way to Sivas!

Turkey is being surrounded, sieged, suffocated

The recent dialogue between Turkey, Russia and Iran may provide an opportunity for such operations. The Syrian administration surprisingly started an attack against the PYD in Qamishli, Hasakah. This may open the door to the operations in question. Syria’s territorial integrity can barely be provided through such operations. Otherwise, the corridor through which the U.S. is trying to reach the Mediterranean is going to divide both Turkey and Syria!

I am making a note in history: The July 15 attack was planned and applied by the U.S. The U.S. administration planned a direct coup in Turkey and used Gülen and his terrorists to achieve this, attempting to invade the country from the inside. The same U.S. administration is striking and sieging Turkey in Syria by the hand of the PYD and Daesh.

This is a closing in, suffocation operation. This has been planned jointly by the U.S. and Europe. Both sides, along with all their elements including their intelligence, diplomacy and media, are involved in this. The plan to eliminate Erdoğan, destroy Turkey is the greatest attack after World War I.

It became a strategic partner with terrorist organizations

They blinded us for years. They slyly pushed Turkey into a corner. They did whatever was necessary to take over Turkey. All the plans the U.S. has been implementing in the region for the last two decades have targeted Turkey. From now on, none of the U.S. administration’s promises will be convincing.

Turkey s openly being hit by its allies. Its allies have chosen terrorist organizations against Turkey and established a strategic partnership with them! The U.S. has supported terrorism against Turkey, established terror organizations and released them on us.

They are attacking with four organizations: FETÖ, the PKK, PYD and Daesh. They are striking us both from within and from the south of the border. In the next step they are going to attempt direct attacks.

FETÖ cryptos, PYD cryptos

We will repel these as we did the July 15 attack. We are going to spread our relentless resistance to every corner of this country, into every segment of society and, in fact, to the other side of the border. We are going to work to fight the PYD on the other side of the border, as we struggle against FETÖ on the inside. Just as there are FETÖ cryptos on the inside, there are also invisible PYD cryptos – we are going to unveil them too.

We are in no way hopeless. We are concerned, careful and prepared, but we are not afraid. We are going to spoil this game too. Just as the multinational July 15 intervention was spoiled, the attack from the south is going to be spoiled in the same way. We are going to fight against U.S. terrorism and its civil war scenarios both on the inside and outside.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Friday 19, 2016)