Column: Vichy’s government in its most despicable Assad regime version

Column: Vichy’s government in its most despicable Assad regime version

Whoever listens to the supporters of the Assad regime, as they empower themselves via the arms of Putin, Hassan Nasrallah and Khamenei against the rest of the Syrians, one cannot remember throughout history but those traitors who betrayed their homelands and brothers by leaning on to the foreigner such as Vichy.

Syrian writer Salah Qirtah stated as he mocked the Syrians who empower themselves through Russia and Iran: “In one of the movies of Ismail Yassin [Egyptian actor] and in the interview test, an officer asked him if he could speak any languages other than Arabic. He replied humorously: ‘My cousin speaks French.’”

This reminds me of the Syrians who talk of the accomplishments of the Russians and what they are doing to the Syrian individual. They even wish for the Russian warplanes to strike Aleppo and Idlib even harder.

My question remains: Are they convinced that the Russians are fighting for them as Syrians, or that they are driven by their own interests and if necessary, would strike them at any given moment during the battles?

Everyone must know that “war has no religion and that politics has no morals.” In other words, the most ridiculous are those who believe that the Iranians and the Russians are coming to rescue the Assad regime and its supporters, and enable them to hold a tight grasp on Syria and the Syrians.

Of course, we cannot blame the public dupes who support and cheer on Khomeini, Nasrallah and Putin, because the regime itself and its cheap propaganda media view the Russian and Iranian invaders as if they would save Syria from its catastrophe and bring back its old glories.

How despicable is this kind of petty regime which reminds us of the Vichy regime in France during WWII; German invaders led by Hitler were able then to recruit a number of minor agents and position them at the top of the French government, controlling it from head to toe.

The position of the Vichy regime in France is now a reminiscent of the position of the Assad regime more than ever. Just as the head of the Vichy puppet government for the Germans justified its alliance with the German Reich under the pretext of protecting French national interests, we see the Assad regime now repeating the same justifications of the Vichy government in the same and much worse way.

Just as the Vichy government was completely aware that Hitler did not invade France for the benefit of the French people, but rather to expand German’s occupation of Europe, Assad also knows very well that the Iranians and the Russians – who are currently invading Syria – did not intervene in order to save his neck and his regime, but in order to capture Syria and its riches.

Furthermore, some people refuse to even compare the Assad regime with the French Vichy regime – which entered history as a symbol of empowerment through the invaders. The regime of Vichy surrendered to the Germans to protect Paris from destruction, and bore the humiliation and shame; however, Assad’s regime destroyed the country and invited in the occupation to destroy it even further.

Whoever enters Paris and sees its buildings still standing tall will reminisce on the times of Vichy, as most cities of Syria are being levelled by the regime with the help of its Russian partners in particular. There are those who believe that the plan to destroy the Syrian cities is a replica of the destruction of Chechnya’s capital, Grozny – whose buildings were levelled to the ground by the Russian army led by the fascist Vladimir Putin.

Unlike the French model which entered the history of betrayal via its widest doors, we find that the Assad regime makes the Vichy puppet government of Germany a national model when compared to the Assad regime – which is selling out everything, not for Syria and the Syrians, but to maintain Assad on the throne at the cost of Syria and its people.

There is no doubt that the regime knows that countries are not charities, and whoever provides assistance will be heavily rewarded. Therefore, a fool cannot really believe that the Iranians are spending billions and sacrificing the lives of hundreds of their officers in order to save Assad. In addition, no one can believe that Putin is sacrificing the lives of his Russian soldiers and using his modern military arsenal for the sake of the survival of Assad and his associates.

There are four reasons why Russia would have grave self-interest in seizing Syria. The first is Syria’s great outlook towards the warm waters of the world, which has been a life-long dream of the Russian Tsars for hundreds of years. The second is Syria’s strategic location which is considered an international focal point. The third is Syria’s huge stocks of oil and gas in Syrian territories and its territorial waters. The fourth is the fact that the Assad regime bet Syria’s gas and oil riches to the Russians for a quarter of a century ago in exchange for Moscow’s protection.

The Syrian Revolution was a great opportunity for Russia to pounce on Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorism, while its main objective and goal is blatantly exploitative and colonial. The regime’s troubles have peacefully and coolly descended on Russia; Assad has proved that he is ready to sell Syria and its riches to remain in power, and Russia is willing to protect him to achieve its historical dreams in the region and plunder its resources even if it is at the cost of Syria’s wreckage and the remains of its people.

Syrians must not dismiss the fact that Russia is historically known to take what anything that does not belong to it without paying. The same applies to Iran. If you want to be sure, just take a look at the situation of the Iranian-controlled Iraq. Has it re-reconstructed Iraq after thirteen years of controlling it?

On the contrary, Iraq’s situation shifted from bad to worse despite the fact that its budget is more than $ 135 billion annually. Iran looted Iraq’s wealth and riches, and it will do the same thing in Syria. No one can blame it because every country works for its own interests. And the most important of all is that Russia and Iran do not invest in themselves, let alone to invest in the reconstruction of Syria as it falls under the Iranian-Russian occupation.

However, as Paris was liberated from the abomination of the German invaders, Syria will be free from the abomination of the Russian and Iranian occupiers along with their agents. In addition, it will be free from all the intruders who entered the conflict for despicable power and personal interests.

Faisal al-Kasim – Orient news