Column: Iran, The Mullah republic of the gallows

Iran executes at least 10 Sunni prisoners

What triggers resentment and disapproval at the same time is the Persian ambivalence represented in investing religion to build a profound religious state based on oppression and suppression of the internal elements and the export of crises to the regional and international surroundings. Iran

This is what the so-called “Islamic Republic” and Velayat al-faqih regime are currently doing. The creation of this regime is possibly another justification to monopolize absolute power in the hands of one group only.

The Mullah regime exceeded this limit and made this abominable ambivalence a sacred rule by giving religious justification naming it “pious”- the legally allowed authority that gives it more space to manoeuvre to beautify the ugly face and cover it with sacredness in a pun that legalizes lying according to Islamic law. The morally disapproving matter in all human laws is that the Mullah regime legalizes all moral sins to build the oppressive state in Persian features, then exports these sins in the form of human targets and principles that call for the saving of humanity and being against Imperial western dictatorship.

These very principles, exported from Iran, made 80% of the Yemeni people below the poverty line nearing the declaration of a famine.

The same applies to a third of the Iraqi people in internally displaced camps while leaders of pious Iranian militias announce victories one after the other in Iraqi locations.

The situation in Syria is not different and the Mullah regime is still talking big about human and spiritual values while trying to cover the so-called “Islamic Revolution” with an international feature, a revolution which brought accusations to the ruling party in the Iranian state which includes many doctrines and races. It is noted that after the Iran-West understanding regarding Iran’s nuclear program, mass executions increased, most recently of 21 political Kurdish activists who were executed and for the first time released in the Iranian media.

This implies the deep US-West-Iranian understanding to involve the region in ruinous civil wars in which the only winner is the Iranian neighbor with its Persian head and Shiite tail. In other words, Iran is seeking to establish a Persian empire by saving the countries where it has influence with the help of its Shiite followers following the principle of Persia first followed by Shiites.

What increases the Persian ambitions is the divisions of the areas of influence by countries that target the Persian Shiite project.

This map is what gives the Iranian project an additional power added to the investment of the intricacies of the Shiite doctrine. It is more likely that the mass executions the Mullah regime is carrying out are an attempt to fortify the internal front to have the time for its external projects in its regional surrounding. All this is in line with the US-West silence towards the internal and regional Iranian crimes.

In their mentality, the Islamic system, in the Iranian pattern, does not pose any threat to their strategic interests. In addition, maintaining the media conflict between the US and the West on one side and Iran on the other gives Iran the chance to appear as a resistance power before the peoples of the area who are infected with the conspiracy mentality. Iran possesses al-Quds Brigade and at the same time broadcasts 13 TV channels from Israel. This is the last of the Mullah’s fabrications which displays its moral and political ugliness and the ill-intentions it implies to the peoples of the area.

That is why it is inevitable that the Saudi-led Islamic coalition must seek all possible means to support the national legitimate rights of the peoples that are under the Mullahs’ control including the Kurds, the Baloch, and the Arabs to busy the Mullahs and put an end to their greediness in the area particularly in Bahrain, Yemen, UAE Islands, Syria and Iraq. Therefore, keeping the Mullahs’ dominance in the area represents a real catastrophe for all its peoples and the danger of involving the area in civil wars in the Gulf and in Syria and Iraq at the hands of Iranian politics taking turns with the hidden US and the West support should be addressed.

All these practices of the Mullahs in the region are happening while the international community, humanitarian organizations and those interested in human rights are inactive towards what is happening daily in the Iranian prisons, executing activists and politicians in the non-Persian regions and in particular in Kurdistan Iran. The in-advance charge is “you are Kurdish or Sunni” so you are sentenced to death.

After the last wave of executions in which tens of the Kurds were victims, the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Iran renewed its fight against the IRGC and moved its military forces represented in Peshmerga to the front lines in the area close to Kurdistan and hinted to start a comprehensive uprising in the Kurdish towns and villages in Kurdistan Iran against the practices of the regime in Iran.

Mohammad Ramadan – Orient news