Jordan Court Refuses To Free Islamist Preacher On Bail

A Jordanian court on Wednesday rejected a request — for the fifth time — to release a prominent Islamist preacher on bail, according to a defense lawyer, reported Anadolu Agency.

“The state security court has refused to release Amjad Qourshah on bail,” Qourshah’s lawyer, Mahmoud al-Daquor, told Anadolu Agency.

Qourshah was detained in June for a 2014 video message in which he criticized Jordan’s participation in a U.S.-led coalition against the Daesh terrorist group.

“There is no good reason for the court’s refusal to release him on bail,” al-Daquor asserted.

The defense lawyer went on to note that investigations into the preacher’s activities had concluded three weeks ago.

“No charges have been filed against him until now,” he added.

A professor of Islamic Law, Qourshah is a well-known preacher in Jordan. He has hosted a number of religious television programs aired on local television channels.