Eric Trager: Hazy Details In Egypt’s Former Mufti’s Assassination Attempt

Eric Trager, a researcher at the Washington Institute, said on his Twitter account that the details that emerged on attempted assassination of Ali Gomaa-the former Egyptian Mufti- were “hazy”.

Trager referred to a report by Al-Ahram, a state-run newspaper, titled:” 50 gunshots targeted Ali-Gomaa while he was approaching the mosque”.



The report said, “Eye-witnesses said that 5 to 7 gunshots targeted Dr. Ali Gomaa and the number of bullets reached 50 bullets.”

Al-Ahram also said, “After Ali Gomaa survived the assassination attempt, eye-witnesses mentioned that number of gunmen were 2-4 and they were tracking Ali Gomaa from his home which is 30 m away from the mosque in the 6th of October City,” It continued that at the distance of 10 meters after his home, they fired at him and injured one of his personal bodyguards.”

Gomaa insisted on delivering the Friday sermon and led the prayers despite the attack.

Reports mentioned that a group called Hasem claimed their responsibility for the failed assassination attempt of the former Mufti.

Gomaa served as the country’s grand mufti, the authority responsible for giving Islamic fatwas (religious opinion), for almost a decade until 2013.

The former Grand Mufti is known for his criticism of Islamist groups. He is also one of the main supporters of the military coup leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who led the military’s ouster of President Morsi.