Column: They themselves are facing all the evil they inflicted on Turkey

İbrahim KaragülBy: İbrahim Karagül*

It’s so strange. Almost all of the countries that have conducted operations on Turkey have started to face similar problems. Germany, which has been protecting and provoking everybody who has been conducting operations on the country, the nation since the Gezi Park events, is starting media operations to silence the contradicting voices ahead of the elections and restricting opposition voices. It considers this a matter of national security.

The European Union, which supported the covert operations aimed at dividing, destroying Turkey, is, itself, entering a period of collapse. Following the Brexit, the “joint Europe” idea has fallen through the door and is losing its quality as a motivator. Many countries are soon going to start raising voices of separation louder.

The EU project, Hitler’s dream

There will be nothing left from the EU project other than a German Empire project. Germany, which tried to achieve what Hitler wanted to do through occupation using the “joint Europe” principle, is going to have to reveal its own dreams. It is right at this period that the EU countries supporting the security problems in Turkey are, themselves, starting to enter a period which they are facing security problems. Pay attention and wait, you will see a lot more.

They declared their own president an agent

U.S. intelligence, which has attempted countless operations to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan since he came to power – especially in the last five years – is now conducting the same operations on its own president. Those who declared the Turkish government, security units, intelligence unreliable, are now questioning their own government, election results, institutions and organizations, political figures and presidential cabinet memberships. It is declaring its own president as guilty, unreliable and suspicious and an agent.

He is giving assassination orders from the US

The U.S. administration and intelligence that attempted a coup in Turkey on July 15 and prepared for a civil war, that activated its plans to divide our country and, when the coup failed, that took Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists under protection and currently provides Gülen the opportunity to give assassination orders from the U.S., is starting war within, dealing with the settlement of accounts with its own intelligence and trying to make it impossible for its own president to take office.

Time will come when the U.S. administration, which got into partnership with terrorist organizations against Turkey, showed them as its “ground forces,” drowned them in weapons and with this support, backed the civilian massacres in Turkey, is going to face the same problems in its own country and struggle with the same problems.

FETÖ an outside threat for Turkey, internal threat for US

Perhaps the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) will become an outside threat for Turkey and an internal threat for the U.S. Perhaps the U.S.’s test with terrorism will be through this organization. And looking at the state of the world, this too is going to happen. We would never want anybody to go through terrorism; we would not want it, but this evil is going to find them one day and it will catch them off guard.

Because they lost their line of legitimacy. They confused states with terrorist organizations and became unable to distinguish between them. Most times, they declared terrorist organizations their partners and opened joint fronts with them instead of states, instead of legitimate administrations. They attacked their own allies through terrorist elements, terrorist organizations; they waged war on their allies’ areas of legitimacy, democracy and freedom. They tried to divide many countries through these organizations.

Follow the discussions in the U.S. very closely. Follow the showdown of institutions, areas of power. It is not difficult to guess where these newly started conflicts will lead with time. In time, the systemic showdown will become visible in relations with the world and in social areas. It is not a fantastic thought to guess that the U.S. is going to struggle with very serious problems both within and at the world-scale. The actual areas of conflict will start there. If it continues this way, the U.S. administration is no longer going to be able to stomach this showdown.

NATO is outdated, the EU is Germany’s apparatus

We look at Donald Trump and he is waging war against the established order and institutions, questioning and trivializing them. He is declaring as threats the institutions declaring him as a threat. He is rendering meaningless both U.S. and international institutions. He is saying that NATO is an outdated structure that has become a threat. He sees the EU as “Germany’s apparatus” and praises the U.K. for leaving.

He is making statements that will negate plans to plunder Russia. He has been speaking of rapport with Russia since the beginning. While he makes these statements, the American state, together with its European allies, is making dangerous military shipments to Eastern Europe, to Scandinavian countries, the Baltic region; it is almost preparing for war.

Plan to divide Russia, China’s ‘ruthless response’

It appears that the U.S., with its European allies and partners in Asia, is following a strategy aimed at cornering Russia from both sides and dividing it again. While this is the case, Trump’s statements of “rapport with Russia” are enough to make the architects of this project mad. Who is going to decide what will happen to U.S.-Russia relations? Trump or the American state? We will soon see who will defeat who.

What’s more dangerous is U.S.-China ties. The tension, crisis policy applied is enough to write global-scale doomsday scenarios. While Trump is targeting China, not Russia, the Beijing administration is making extremely threatening statements such as giving a “ruthless response.”

Both Russia and China are responding to the pressures and attacks from the U.S. not with a softer tone, but with harsher statements and harsher attacks. This shows how severe the global climate has become, that not circles but center countries are in the battlefield.

The US cannot endure this burden

Can the U.S. handle these heavy crises and ensure the showdown with Russia and China before solving the problems within? How strong is the U.S.’s hand at a time its own intelligence is able to say, “Do not share information with Trump, he will share it with Russia,” almost identifying its own president as a foreign force?

Frankly, the U.S. hand is much weaker compared to a decade ago. Because while its partnerships have become severely eroded, while it is largely losing its reputation as a reliable country, while it is considered by the overwhelming majority of the world as a threat, while it is being identified as the greatest obstacle standing in front of the establishment of the international system, it is a fact that Washington does not really have much of an option other than violence.

What’s strange is that at a time when arguments are rising within the U.S. and Europe themselves, Russia and China are giving a more organized, determined and confident impression.

Trump: A revolutionary or the pioneer of a great disaster?

Trump is going to go into history as either a great revolutionary or the leader of chaos. He is either going to drag half of the world to war or radically change the current power map. He is either going to give rise to a new American craze, fascism or spark a fight within the U.S. itself. Whatever happens, the extraordinariness of the new U.S. president is going to leave deep marks in the U.S. and the world. We are hoping that a new page will be turned in relations with Turkey as well. The Obama era, especially the second term, led to very deep wounds between the two countries. The lack of trust, the disintegration between Turkey and the U.S., had never reached this extent. Obama destroyed ally relations.

July 15 was a US attack

What’s more is, it openly waged war against a NATO country, a U.S. ally. It attacked through terrorist organizations, attempted to siege Turkey through Syria and, most importantly, it used FETÖ as intelligence, as an armed force and perpetrated the July 15 attack. Turkey faced the severest attack in the history of the Republic.

Therefore, Trump, who speaks so openly, questions everything, owes Turkey an explanation. He owes an apology for his own country’s heedlessness, for the violence it deemed our nation worthy of. We are waiting for serious statements concerning the plots on July 15, what U.S. intelligence has been up to in this country and the role of U.S. military elements in our region in the coup attempt.

NATO became a threat, Turkey might leave

He previously made statements praising the failure of the July 15 coup attempt thanks to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but this is not enough. From now on, we need convincing, persuasive statements regarding the course of Turkey-U.S. relations. Gülen and his coup perpetrating crew are still in the U.S. The FETÖ-U.S. intelligence partnership is still not over.

If he does not give these guarantees, if he does not end that intelligence partnership, if the partnership with terror continues against Turkey, if the aggressiveness aimed at continuing the July 15 process is continued, the Turkey and West axis will be ruined in a way that it can never be fixed again. Every country will focus on its own self-defense; nobody can stand by and watch their own country be destroyed for the sake of friendships and alliances.

Hence, after a while, Turkey will have to put its partnership with the U.S. and NATO membership on the table. Both the U.S. and NATO will be declared threats to Turkey, because they are. If world-scale disintegrations continue at this rate, these partnerships will no longer have much meaning anyway.

Overshadowing the big plan: Everybody should watch their step

I will say one last thing: A century ago, as we were collapsing, some countries were rising. A century has passed, now we are on a rise and they are lagging, while some are collapsing. Whatever they predicted or planned for us is happening to them. The conflict and crisis map is changing; it is shifting to the west, the north and east. The world is being dragged into the biggest showdown after World War II.

It is in this period that Turkey will stand out as a country that has largely overcome its own problems, completed its systemic transformation and passed the critical threshold. It is in this period that contradicting voices, personal plans will be questioned, judged. Because there is a major plan and nobody will be allowed to overshadow this plan.

*Ibrahim Karagül is a Turkish writer and journalist. He is the editor-in-chief of Turkish Yeni Şafak newspaper.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkish newspaper on Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017)