Largest penalty for hypocrisy: Deviating from the world of realities

 By: Yasin Aktay*

All dimensions of the July 15 coup attempt are being revealed in all detail every day and hour. Nothing remains hidden. A video recording of every incident that happened, from an angle not considered by anybody, emerges and the incidents are disclosed to all in all clarity. All these are possible through the freedom of communication, media and press, which still applies.

Yet, God forbid, had the coup been even slightly successful, the first implementation and target of the coup would have been to end the freedom of the media. Certain events that night are enough to explain the kind of media atmosphere that had been planned. The physical attack on Türksat and Telekom immediately after the coup announcement which was read at gunpoint at the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) that night, and the raid on CNN Türk, that gained the symbolic meaning for broadcasting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s counter-announcement via telephone connection, which immediately ended the coup were evident of these detailed plans for intervening in the media.

The greatest talent of the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), which has unfortunately scored points with its organizations of disorder around the world, lobbying and PR activities and black propaganda related to the pressures on press freedoms in Turkey, is twisting truths. The current perception that Turkey is the country where the greatest pressure on journalists exists is a result of the skill of this organization. Pushing Turkey even behind Egypt in this regard is a completely separate expertise related to covering the truths.

The ability to form a completely different made-up island of reality at the center of the world of realities is the organization’s basic characteristic. Even though this side of this organizational structure, whose sect and disposition is hypocrisy, has become apparent to all in Turkey, it is unfortunately still able to find masses around the world who they can deceive by pulling the wool over their eyes.

Perhaps the majority of these masses they find are already prepared to buy their tales of made-up or distorted truths, due to their similar hostile attitude toward Turkey. The resulting picture consists of a simple solidarity of the enemies of Turkey. The exemplary cooperation resulting from this solidarity is of course being noted.

What becomes clear as the details emerge is that every step taken by the July 15 coup plotters is based on lies. They started the declaration by announcing that they were acting within a chain of command on behalf of the entire Turkish Armed Forces (TSK). Yet, all their lies were revealed quickly, because they had to say everything that they should have said before. Many soldiers were taken out of the barracks upon the information that they were going to have a drill, many were pushed to the ground upon the information that they were going to a counterterrorism operation, while many others thought they were going to a different kind of operation.

They even found the announcement read out on TRT, taking the Turkish people for fools and explaining the necessity of seizing control very “likeable.” They did not even hesitate from shamelessly stating this on their own channels from which they connected at the top of the hour the announcement was read (see Kerim Balcı). It is obvious that Erdoğan’s call to the people to resist against the coup plotters at that hour was something they did not take into account at all.

In that video, seeing him in that video, being very serious when he shamelessly suggested to Erdoğan that what he needs to do at that moment is not to “irresponsibly call the people to resist” but to “sit at the table with soldiers to make a deal,” is actually a completely different strange event. The analysis of this is not something that can be ignored by putting it in the comedy sections. The essence of it all is that the greatest punishment for the excessive performance displayed in relation to twisting the truth, is deviating from the realities. In others words, reaching a point where they start to believe their own lies are the biggest punishment they faced as a result of divine justice.

Those who are so inundated in lies no longer have the right to see Erdoğan’s true face or praise him. Those who so butchered the truths do not have the right to see the truths either. They are not punished for deviating from the truths or inability to see the truths by a court decision. The evil of their own slanders is turning back on them as punishment. This is how God seals their foresight, eyes and ears. God makes them fall into such a tragic comedy situation by making them think that Erdoğan would sit to make a deal with soldiers, and makes them say it as the gravest punishment.

Hence, the majority of soldiers involved in the coup plot understand what kind of thing they got themselves into when they see the people’s protests out in the squares. So the coup plotters even hid what they were doing from the people with whom they were going to realize the coup. They could not even sell the truths they twisted to their own soldiers, they did not believe they could sell it.

Despite this, how could they have explained what with this coup, how could they have thought they could convince this people to take over such a people’s management in such a way? What an administration needs the most is legitimacy and rightfulness. What kind of a vision could a junta that takes over control by even using the soldier under its own command, keeping everything from them, have in relation to managing the country?

Frankly, the sole answer to this is the superior mind that paved the way for this coup has no objective such as the country’s management. The goal was to drag Turkey into a chaos that would continue until it is completely weakened, just like Syria. Meanwhile, the role cast for FETÖ was to use the power it built in the military and other institutions for the last 50 years to destroy this country. Not to manage it or rebuild it.

FETÖ has neither a vision nor a social reaction to rebuild it anyway. Those who used it and pushed it into this business do not have such intentions or goals either. The immediate priority for them is to stop Turkey, which is becoming increasingly stronger and rising, to end its existence that ruins the plans of the world order and disturbs the unjust world order.

Actually, FETÖ’s current position, the tolerance and media support given to it worldwide and the complete view of the international actions against Turkey and Erdoğan – which appear to be independent of this – are enough to explain from where and why this coup emerged.

*Yasin Aktay is the vice chair of the ruling Justice and Development (AKP) in Turkey.

(Published in Yeni Şafak Turkısh newspaper on Saturday, August 6, 2016)