Turkish Ambassador Expresses Appreciation For The Support Jordan In The Aftermath Of The Foiled Coup Attempt In Turkey

The Turkish embassy in Amman has welcomed the closure of a school in Jordan that is affiliated to Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen whom Turkey has accused of being behind the July 15 foiled coup attempt, according to The Jordan Times.

At a press conference in Amman, Turkish Ambassador to Jordan Sedat Önal expressed appreciation for the support that Jordan has demonstrated in the aftermath of the foiled coup attempt in Turkey.

“We welcome the closure of the school and Turkey is in constructive discussions with Jordan in this regard and we have solid relations,” said the ambassador.

Jordanian officials have not acknowledged that the closure of the Amman-based Turkish school was in response to a Turkish request, insisting that the school was violating regulations and the decision to close it had been taken ahead of the coup, according to local media reports.

Stressing that the foiled coup attempt did not affect Turkey’s economy, Önal said tourism is picking up and banks have enough liquidity, noting that the state of emergency imposed by the elected Turkish government is meant to dismantle the “terrorist network” behind the foiled coup attempt.

The diplomat said Turkey would continue to play its key role in regional issues.

The diplomat noted that the failed coup resulted in the killing of 246 police officers and civilians and the injury of 2,185 citizens.

“The coup attempt was defeated thanks to the unified stance and firm resolve of the Turkish people, members of the parliament, all parties represented in the parliament and the media,” he added.

“Contrary to some claims and speculations in international media, the state of emergency will not be used as a means to crack down on political dissent, but to take necessary measures in a speedy and effective manner to bring the perpetrators to justice, dismantle the terrorist network and achieve normalcy as soon as possible,” said the ambassador.

Turkey is fully aware and will abide by its obligations in regards to democracy, rule of law, human rights and international conventions, he added, concluding that the measures being taken are “in conformity with the current legislation and our international obligations”.