Head of Qatar’s Reconstruction Committee Arrives in Gaza

Ambassador Mohamed al-Emadi, head of Qatar’s national committee for the reconstruction of Gaza, arrived in the Gaza Strip on Thursday night through the Beit Hanoun (Erez) border crossing, According to Palestinian local media.

An official source from the Qatari committee said that the  details of ambassador Emadi’s visit would be announced later, expecting that the ambassador might stay in Gaza for two or three weeks.

Qatar said on Thursday it would give $30 million to help pay the salaries of thousands of Gaza Strip public sector workers left without a full wage package since 2013.

The donation was welcomed by Hamas, the Islamist group that dominates the enclave, saying it would help ease the wage shortages – that have tested already strained relations with the U.S.-backed Palestinian Authority, based in the West Bank, Reuters reported.

The Hamas-hired public servants have grown restive, and in 2014 protested over their lack of payment which is partly due to a continued blockade imposed on Gaza by both Israel and Egypt.