Syrian Crisis: Dozens of Shiite militants killed in southern Aleppo countryside

Syrian Crisis: Dozens of Shiite militants killed in southern Aleppo countryside
Syrian rebels in Aleppo

Opposition rebel groups announced on Friday the start of a new battle for control of Assad regime’s sites in the southern countryside of Aleppo, and after a few hours of its launch, the opposition have managed to control several strategic points.

Activists said that the opposition rebel fighters have taken control of the warehouses of Khan Tuman and al-Sater area near Aleppo, and were able to kill and wound dozens of Shiite militias, in addition to destroying their military vehicles.

In the same context, the opposition took control of al-Mahroqat hill and Marath village in the southern countryside, and were able during the battles to destroy a T-72 tank and kill many of the Shia militias of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Ahrar al-Sham movement said that it was able to capture 10 members of the Iraqi Shia militias during clashes near the Khan Tuman warehouses.

Abu al-Yazid Taftanaz, media spokesperson for Ahrar al-Sham, listed out all of the places that had been liberated in addition to the seizing of weapons and the killing of dozens of Shia terrorists.

According to to Orient Net, a prominent leader in the opposition confirmed  that Friday’s clashes killed around 100 Iranian Shia militias, in addition to the capture of 15 Iraqi and Iranian Shia militants.

In the meantime, activists reported the killing of two prominent figures in Iranian pro-regime militias; Mohamed Zalqy, a retired officer of the Iranian army and was fighting in Syria with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Cihanger Jaafari, a senior commander in IRGC- affiliate Liwa al-Quds. Aleppo

Iran’s intervention in the Syrian crisis started since the first days of the uprising, and the bruatlity in handling the peaceful protests led to establishing the armed rebel groups.

Iran backed al-Assad regime financially preventing an economical collapse, amd military by sending tens of thousands of fighters under the term of “military advisors.”

Iranian supreme leader Ali khamenei said the Iran’s intervention in Syria is a war against disbelief. However, this intervention costed Iran billios of dollars and hundreds of souls including many prominant leaders.