By: Dr. Yasin Aktay

After each hour that passes we can better understand the kind of calamity this country would face if the coup attempt that failed after being blown up by the complete resistance of the Turkish people on July 15, God forbid, had it even been partially successful.

The violence and brutality presented during the coup attempt already shows well enough how this coup attempt would progress and how a merciless order would be established in Turkey if it succeeded.

The people who were brutally murdered being crashed by the tanks, shot by the anti-aircraft bullets scattered, bombed by the fighter planes were the members of the society the coup perpetrators thought to administrate after the coup.

It means they don’t claim to save these people from an oppressive or wrong administration.

The only thing that was thought was taking a nation as hostage by force of arms and to have a despotic dominance over a nation.

With never before seen violence and raving in the history of coups, their bombing the Turkish National Grand Assembly shows that the coup perpetrators are not looking for any legitimacy and they considered the only legitimacy they had from their weapons and the tyranny.

Since the Gezi park events, this organization which has been working as an extraordinary propaganda machine in order to inscribe the perception regarding the authoritarianism of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan into the minds of Turkey and the world public opinion tried to have its legitimacy from this lie it told to the world.

On one hand today these lies being easily bought in the world public opinion is of course the shame of the world public opinion.

In an age when the valid value is democracy, such a propaganda against Erdoğan, who has tremendous public support, being easily bought has been presenting the embarrassing situation of the democratic world.

It is obvious that the world in question can prefer this unprincipled, villain and terrorist coup against a leader who came to power by getting the votes of the majority of the people.

Essentially if the thing that makes this preference is the Islamist perception related with Erdoğan insistently emphasized by the same propaganda machine, nothing remains apart from the hatred, enmity and racism against the Islam in that world.

After now there is nothing that Turkey can tell and explain to this Western world, contrarily yet they have many things to explain to the Muslim world.

The propaganda machine of the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ), after their quite well organized, planned and implemented coup attempt failed, having no shame, they immediately took action. Of course they say a lot of things. I am not in the mood to count the new propaganda stories they put into action, but there is one that in a different way reveals their mood and the exemplary situation they fell into. Don’t they say that all that happened was a scenario and a play? Believe me God makes them say so. When the scenario they wrote and tried to perform failed, it is true, very true that another scenario was put into play.

They wanted to do something. With their bird brains they planned everything, thought about every detail, they even considered how the soldiers would give their statements when the crime was witnessed. However it is obvious that they considered failure less possible. Despite this, they did not neglect that detail either.

The operation against the president was considered with all details.

The effect of this on the social psychology after the coup, how they would take the administration, who and how they will intern, who would be dismissed from which duty, who would take their positions, shortly everything was considered. Only one thing was neglected. The existence of a scenario that is above all the other scenarios.

What collapsed their scenario and the big scenario that was immediately on stage was God’s scenario and of course His scenario is above all the scenarios. Since the moment that scenario has been active, with the whole nation we lived that big joy, happiness and enthusiasm.

First of all we are faced with a factious scenario writing which had an unbelievable evil success to show what is good as bad and what is bad as good with this scenario and all it did has been writing scenarios for 50 years.

Today we can understand better that with the scenarios FETÖ wrote recently scripting the roles they wrote for whoever they wanted, they are specialized in disgracing.

The traps and the conspiracies they established in cases like the Ergenekon and Balyoz (Sledgehammer) were actually scenarios and with these scenarios they showed how talented they were at evil. Each of their conspiracies and traps which were revealed demonstrated their evil and what kind of evil wisdom and talent they had in writing scenarios.

They wrote a role for everyone in the scenarios they wrote on Feb. 7, Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 as they wished.

Unlike the previous ones, all of those scenarios faced some matters and they got in a tizzy.

All these matters began to repeat often, however each matter was forming the scenes of a bigger scenario. Of course these scenarios written with this little wisdom without knowing, of course being unable to know was serving for a bigger scenario. However on July 15 this wonderful scenario in which almost the role for each element, member of this nation worked so perfectly and well that everyone played their role wonderfully. Moreover there was a role written even for those who attempted the coup in this scenario. They played the evil written for themselves in the most disgusting and mean way. As they played their evil, this nation showed its goodness.

As they showed their treachery and criminal sides this nation showed its noble and heroic side.

Eventually a wonderful scenario of integrity and flawless beauty and aesthetics and game performance came out.

But of course this scenario is not a scenario that a human being can write and perform, it cannot.

Against those who see themselves as arrogant and superior in writing scenarios for people competing with Pharaoh, we watched a repeat of one of the wonderful, miraculous responses God gave during the history, moreover with all its originality.

Those tyrant coup perpetrators eventually understood by what kind of a coup they were destroyed, but still they could not understand from who this coup came to them. They will understand that as well.